dangerous pets for kids

dangerous pets for your children

Can pets be dangerous for children?

Many people, especially children, tend to own animals and raise them indoors, and although children who raise pets usually learn empathy and compassion, the child may be exposed to a number of risks due to raising these animals at home.

In her report, published by the Russian “FPR”, the researcher Anna Bismina reviewed the range of domestic animals that must be abandoned if there are children inside the house.and we make a list of the most pets that are dangerous for your children

Turtles transport salmonella

In February 2018, a three-year-old boy died after being infected with Salmonella, which was transmitted to him from turtles he was playing at home, and 11 others were infected with the same disease, which indicates the need to keep children away from such animals.

“A three-year-old kid died in 2018 after suffering from Salmonella, and he was transferred from turtle (Pixels)

Weasel disturbed by the screaming of the child

Weasel disturbed by the screaming of the child
Although this animal is no less hygienic than cats and dogs,
 Caution must be exercised while leaving this type of rodent indoors, as some rodents are allergic to loud noises, as the child’s screaming may disturb her, causing her to attack without hesitation.

Snakes most dangerous to children

Snakes are among the most dangerous animals, although they attack only one when they are provoked, and the child may be curious, which may cause them to catch the snake. In the event that this animal feels a danger, he does not hesitate to bite him, but if you cannot give up your favorite pet after the birth of the child, be sure to place it in a secluded place away from the young.

Chow Chow dog does not hesitate to attack

At first glance, Chow Chow dogs look nice, but many people do not know that this type of dog is somewhat moody, and in the event of provoking his anger by doing some things that disturb him like pulling his fur from him he will not hesitate to attack you, so the child can be taught ways to deal with Chow Chow dog

Lizards transmit viruses

Lizards are no less dangerous than turtles, as children may be infected with some viruses such as salmonella after touching this type of reptile.

According to statistics compiled by the United States, about 175 children were infected with Salmonella during the period between 2010 and 2013, as a result of dealing with some reptiles, especially lizards.
Experts recommend that you should wash your hands well after touching the lizards, and not allow children under the age of one to play with them.

And frogs can hurt your children

Frog breeding at home is one of the factors that lead to the infection of children with Salmonella, as 241 cases of Salmonella virus were recorded during the year 2011 as a result of touching frogs.

It should be noted that African frogs cannot be considered a safe animal for a child, especially since they are associated with a unique strain of Salmonella that is transmitted to humans and afflicts it with several diseases.

Chihuahua does not hesitate to attack your child

Although Chihuahua is one of the smallest types of dogs in the world – which makes some believe that it does not pose a threat to the child while he is at home – this type of dog may exhibit aggressive behavior, sometimes causing chaos and that is why some people see it as a dangerous pet.

If the child annoys him or annoys him, the dog will never hesitate to attack him. So if you want to keep your favorite animal indoors, you should teach the child and the dog how to interact with each other to avoid problems.

Hedgehogs carry bacteria

Hedgehogs pose a threat to children’s health, as hiccups are considered a means of transporting some bacteria that may cause fever, stomach pain, and rashes.


Iguana are a genus of reptiles and poses a great danger to children, and the child’s interaction with this type of reptile leads to his infection with Salmonella.

So it is advised to evacuate the house from this animal, but in the event that you decide to preserve it, it is advised to keep it in a room that the child cannot access. so it won’t make any harm to your children because Iguana can be a dangerous pet.

Rottweiler Dog

Rottweiler dogs pose a danger to humans, in general, it can be Of dangerous pets, in the event that they do not receive appropriate training, and if he feels a danger, he does not hesitate to attack anyone.

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