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How The Dogs “Feel” With Their Owners!

Dogs Feelings

Many dog ​​owners believe their pets are capable of extrapolating human emotions, but scientists have been able to prove that this loyal friend can actually sense his feelings.

By gathering information from different perceptions, about animals the researchers found, dogs can form abstract mental images of positive or negative emotional states.

Previous studies have shown that dogs can distinguish human emotions based on certain signs, including facial expressions, but this is very different from emotional recognition, said Kun Joo of the University of Lincoln School of Psychology.

“It is the first experimental test showing dogs’ ability to mix visual and auditory inputs to understand or distinguish between different human emotions,” Kuhn told Reuters.

Experiments conducted by scientists from Brazil and Britain

These experiments were conducted by a team of experts in animal behavior and psychologists at the University of Lincoln in the United Kingdom and the University of São Paulo in Brazil.

They trained 17 untrained domestic dogs by using images and sounds to convey emotional expressions, both positive and negative, in humans and dogs.

The dogs participating in the experiment were unaccustomed to such circumstances in order to rule out any possibilities for conditional recall, and the sound tone associated with human faces was also unusual for these dogs.

“We used different dogs from Portuguese to British so they wouldn’t be practicing any words or words,” said Natalia de Souza Albuquerque, a doctoral student in experimental psychology. Between emotional information. “

The findings, published recently in the journal Biology Letters of the Royal Society, found that dogs spent much more time looking at facial expressions and comparing them to emotional acoustic conditions for humans and dogs.

“What we found is that when dogs listen for positive voices, they look at the positive aspects of both humans and dogs. When you listen to negative voices, they look at the angry negative aspects,” she said.

The study demonstrated that dogs can combine different sources of sensory information to create emotional perception in both humans and dogs, meaning that dogs must have an internal system to classify emotional states.

The researchers believe that the ability to combine emotional signals may be an innate queen confined only to dogs and because they are social beings Salih, the ability to identify instinctively on human emotions has helped humans to domesticate and take pets throughout the ages.

Kwon Joo is now seeking further experiments in order to gain a better understanding of how this faithful friend of man decodes human emotions through principles and strategies to develop a sense of understanding and response to human emotions.

others say dealing with your dog as a friend can make the dog so loyal to their Owner but let’s not forget ” you need to train your dog ” so it will be easy to know him and control him.

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