strangest dog breeds

Top 20 Strangest Dog Breeds

Strangest Dog Breeds

Among these breeds, we find some whose peculiar characteristics make them very interesting dogs.

For this reason, we have selected 15 Strangest Dog breeds that are rare to find and have some special aspects that will surely surprise you.

strangest dog breeds
strangest dog breeds

Hw many Dog Breeds are exist in the world ?

It is difficult to establish how many dog ​​breeds exist in the world, since, although there are 343 recognized, many others remain unregistered. Although the FCI (Fédération cynological Internationale) recognizes 343 breeds of dogs, it is believed that there may be many more. Some of them are little known outside their places of origin.

Why are there so many breeds of dogs?

Dogs belonging to the same breeds have similar physical and genetic traits. In addition, their behavior is very similar, because of the breeds have been developed over time from a careful selection, to maintain those characteristics and abilities of their ancestors that were desirable for use as working dogs and, later, for company.

Many breeds of dogs are rare or poorly understood. Most of them are located only in their countries of origin and are not usually seen elsewhere. Among these races, some have developed a series of very peculiar characteristics in their process of adaptation to the climate and their environment. In some cases, they can reach a high value in the market, precisely because of their surprising peculiarities and the fact that they are races that few people know.

The 20 Weirdest and Most Surprising Dog Breeds

We would not dare to select 20 Strangest Dog breeds of dogs among all the existing ones and ensure that they are the strongest we can find. Perhaps it would be better to settle for saying that, although they compete with others in this classification, what cannot be doubted is that they belong to the group of rarest and most surprising races in the world.

list of Strangest Dog breed in the world :

20-Pomsky Breed

Also known as miniature husky or mini husky, these are products of the cross between a husky and a pomeranian . Its appearance is adorable, usually acquiring the color of the husky and the size of the pomeranian. However, sometimes they are born specimens with the orange color of Pomerania, the appearance of the husky, and an average size between both breeds, resulting in a dog similar to a fox.


19-Tibetan Mastiff or Tibet Bulldog

It is a dog that, due to the density and volume of its coat, resembles a lion . In fact, as with these cats, males of the Tibetan Mastiff breed have more hair than females. However, in this breed, the quality of the hair is valued much more than the quantity.

Tibetan Mastiff
Tibetan Mastiff

18-Chow chow panda Breed

Chow chow panda. Chow panda. Panda dogs. Pandogs. There are several names for these puppies that are so fashionable lately. These are chow chow breed dogs dyed black and white to look like panda bears.

However, this popular fashion in China has generated much controversy around the world, since dyeing our pets generates a lot of stress and allergic reactions both in the skin, hair, nose, and eyes.

Chow-chow panda
Chow chow panda

17-Caucasian Ovcharka Breed

These pups are basically the Yao Ming’s of the dog breed world, too big to exist and yet they just seem like genuinely nice people I mean dogs. They’re not weird dogs, just HUGE.

Caucasian Ovcharka
Caucasian Ovcharka

16-Komondor Breed

Averaging over 30-inches tall, the Hungarian Komondor is one big puppy. What really makes this goofy guy larger than life is his fur: at up to 27 cm in length, the Komondor has the thickest fur in the canine world. That’s one shaggy dog!


15-Affenpinscher Dog Breed

This little one with his matted hair is a weird-looking dog breed, and his characteristic appearance reminiscent of a monkey is a dog full of courage and with a lot of energies. He descends from the terriers that were used to hunt rats in German stables and shops. They are very intelligent dogs that learn very quickly and adapt easily to changes. It is a fairly old breed that is represented in some 16th-century paintings.


They are strong and always stay alert, making them great guard dogs. They are not afraid of anything and although they are not noisy in nature, they will alert everyone if a stranger approach, making them ideal for older people. It is necessary to socialize them properly so that they become balanced dogs and develop their full potential.

The Affenpinscher needs firm training from an early age. It requires an experienced trainer, as it is quite a stubborn dog, but it loves to learn and please its owner. Positive reinforcement, with praise, games, and goodies, works very well with it. It is a good dog for therapy, playful, and fun, which will make you laugh with its occurrences. However, it is not suitable for a home with children, as they do not like them very much and could bite them if they bothered them.


14-Azawakh Dog Breed

The Azawakh is an ancient greyhound from West Africa, specifically from the countries of Burkina Faso, Mali, and the Niger. It is represented in African wall paintings from the thousands of years ago, so its origin dates back to the beginning of the time.

African nomadic peoples have used it since time immemorial to hunt and monitor their camps and livestock. It is a very territorial dog, something that is unusual in hunting dogs .

It is a tall and thin dog that stands out as a guard dog and is a great companion. The Azawakh is strong, has a very sharp vision, and runs at high-speed to catch his prey. Despite its fine and elegant appearance, it is a tough and resistant hunter. He is very protective and loyal to his owners but also has an independent character. Her skin and hair cannot stand the rigors of winter, and she is very bothered by the rain.

dog breath per minute
dog breath per minute

Azawakh can bark when threatened, but it is not an aggressive dog. It is not suitable for young children, as they do not like to play or be disturbed. He stays close to his family, but doesn’t interact much. His strong character means that he needs an experienced coach who knows how to maintain leadership.

It is not a well-known dog and continues to be an exceptionally rare breed.its alsot one of the fastest dog breeds in the world

Azawakh Dog

13-Bedlington Terrier Breed

This dog, for me i see it as the most Strangest Dog bred whose original physical appearance is reminiscent of sheep, due to its rounded and non-stop head, its hair and the shape of its body. It has an arched and elongated back. It comes from Bedlington, a town in north-west England.

The Bedlington Terrier was used for hunting badgers, rabbits, foxes, and other small animals. Sadly, it was also used for fighting, since it is a tenacious dog that, once locked in the fight, fights to the death.

It is a rare breed, although its popularity is currently increasing. It is a loyal and friendly dog. He is very brave, and he gets along very well with children. However, it can be very stubborn and obsessive. Therefore, you need an owner who knows how to exercise your leadership.

He loves to dig, due to his strong instinct of hunting small animals. Its high amount of energy makes the Bedlington Terrier need to do a lot of physical and mental exercise.

It is a dog that runs very fast, something that you should take into account when you go for a walk with it.

Bedlington Terrier
Bedlington Terrier

12-Bergamasco Breed

The origin of the Bergamasco is located in Persia, and the breed is over 2000 years old. The Bergamasco is an excellent sheepdog, very loyal, and intelligent. The breed, as we know it today, was developed in Bergamasco, in the Italian Alps to take care of livestock.

One of their peculiarities is their characteristic long hair in the form of ropes as if they were dreadlocks. Its thick coat is made up of three types of coat, something that does not occur frequently in dogs.

The Bergamasco is a strong, brave and balanced animal, so, it will be an excellent companion if you are an active person and willing to spend time with it.

The Bergamasco is a very Strangest Dog breed and it is very faithful to its owner and creates a very strong bond with it. He is known for his independent spirit and a big heart. As a good sheepdog, he is very obedient and easy to train, although he needs an experienced trainer to achieve his full potential. Being so smart, you must be an owner who maintains the hierarchy.


11-Split Nose Catalburun Breed

Also known as Tarsus Catalburun or as a Turkish Pointer, it is one of the rarest breeds in the world and one of the strangest dog breed. Its origin is located in the south of the Turkish province of Tarsus and it is estimated there are only about 200 specimens at present. The Catalburun is distinguished by its double nose or divided nose.

There are only three breeds of dogs that have double noses: the Double-nosed Andean Tiger, the Pachón Navarro, and the Tarsus Catalburun. Some German and Portuguese Pointers can also present it, probably because they are related to Pachón Navarro.

He is an intelligent dog and lover of his family. It has a great prey instinct and has been configured as a hunting dog. His excellent traceability also makes him a terrific search and rescue dog, police dog, or narcotics detector. Well-trained, he is very patient with children.

The Catalburun is a territorial dog that can be aggressive towards other dogs and strangers. In fact, it could attack strangers who approach your property. They have a lot of energy and need to do a lot of physical exercises.

Split Nose Catalburun
Split Nose Catalburun

It requires experienced training and an owner who knows how to maintain its hierarchy. It responds very well to positive reinforcement. If you train it well, you will have a family dog, calm and balanced.

It is a practically unknown breed outside Turkey and it is very difficult to get a specimen.

10-New Guinea singing Dog

The New Guinea Singing Dog is a very little known breed that is in danger of extinction. Its origin is in New Guinea, and it has been related to the Australian Dingo. It lives in mountain areas and climbs trees with great ease. Some have been bred in captivity and are used for hunting.

Its howls are reminiscent of those of the wolf, but the New Guinea Singing Dog is able to modulate the tone, emitting a sound similar to a song. It is not capable of barking.

Another of its most special features is its ability to turn the head back with great flexibility.

Currently, the Kennel Club does not accept registrations of this breed, considering it a subspecies of wild dogs.

New Guinea singer
New Guinea singing Dog

9-Chinese crested Dog Breed

It is a very original dog, famous for not having hair on its body and having long locks on its head, legs and tail, although there is a variety of the breed that has hair all over its body, called “powderpuff”.

The Chinese Crested is weird looking dog breed and it’s a very affectionate and happy dog, full of energy, and easily trainable. Although they are very friendly, their small size makes their delicate and if you have children, you must teach them to treat you gently.

It is a very old breed whose exact origin is unknown, although some theories place it in the Philippines. It is known that at some point it came to China, where it was minimized to get the Chinese crest that we know today. These dogs became famous as effective rat exterminators on Chinese ships.

Chinese crested
Chinese crested

They need a lot of mental stimulation and physical activity. They are dogs that Excel in sports like Agility, Flyball, lure chasing and obedience. They are great athletes, and really enjoy puzzle games and teaching new tricks. They also require extra care in the matter of grooming. It is convenient to protect them from the sun and take care of their skin, prone to dermatological problems and injuries.

Although it has gained some popularity, this breed is still not well known outside its place of origin.

8-Pharaoh Hound Breed

Pharaoh Hound comes from the Middle East and is believed to be the dog of the pharaohs. The breed is likely to be around 8000 years old. As we know it today, it comes from Malta. It is an athletic and slim dog, very muscular and independent. It can be used as a companion dog. He loves to play outdoors, but he can also live perfectly indoors. It is a very active dog that can be stressed easily and requires an experienced trainer to develop a calm and balanced character.

Pharaoh Hound is a loyal and brave dog, very intelligent, and patient with children. However, he does not like strangers and must be socialized from a young age. You need to exercise and have a hunting instinct, so you can get away easily.

A special feature of him is that his nose flushes when excited, which is rare in dogs.

Pharaoh Hound
Pharaoh Hound

7-Catahoula Leopard Breed

the origin of this weirdest dog breed is not entirely clear and there are different versions. One of them states that they could come from the cross between greyhounds and molosoid dogs, which were used for combat and fighting. They could also come from the cross between the wolf dogs of the Native Americans and other dogs of European origin, such as the greyhound, the mastiff, or the Beauceron. Another possibility that has been raised states that the Catahoula Leopard could derive from crosses with the American red wolf, but this hypothesis is practically ruled out since DNA analysis does not support it.

It is a family dog, adapted to work, hunt and guard, very good with children. It is an excellent working dog, which is often used to graze cattle or pigs.

He does not hesitate to face any danger, he has a great nose and is a robust and active dog. You need an owner capable of training it and who enjoys long adventure rides and physical activity.

One of its most special features is that it has webbed feet, the result of evolution to move easily through the swampy lands of the Louisiana area.

Catahoula Leopard
Catahoula Leopard

Currently, it is often used as a sheepdog or therapy dog. It is very good at Agility or Flyball activities. The Catahoula Leopard needs to be mentally stimulated, as otherwise, it can become aggressive or destructive.

He is an expert in digging and quickly learns to open closures, which has made him the king of leaks.

6-Norwegian Lundehund Breed

The Norwegian Lundehund is a dog with a double coat of hair that has several characteristics that make it special: it has six toes on each foot, with two spurs, it has joints in the nape that other dogs do not have and; their ears are more mobile than other dogs.

It is a friendly and affectionate dog, very playful. You need to be physically active and are not aggressive. It is a great hunter and is an agile and intelligent dog.

The Norwegian Lundehund was bred to hunt puffins. Its six fingers allow it to climb very steep places, and the neck joints allow it to rotate the head 180 degrees. In addition, it has very flexible shoulder joints.

It is a somewhat primitive dog and can be difficult to train, so it needs an owner who knows how to establish leadership and who knows how to be firm and forceful. He is very patient with children, especially those in his family, and is friendly with other dogs.

Norwegian Lundehund
Norwegian Lundehund

5-Neapolitan Mastiff Breed

It is a large but affectionate dog. He adores his family and distrusts strangers. This makes them great guard dogs, as they are very protective and will not hesitate to drive away any unwanted visitors. These dogs do not require much maintenance.

Its origin dates back to 700 BC Alexander the Great crossed his giant war dogs with short-haired Indian dogs, creating the Mosolo breed, which later continued to crossbreed with large breeds to give rise to the mastiff.

The Neapolitan Mastiff is one of the weird-looking dog breeds and one of the largest dogs in the world. It requires an experienced owner and is calm and smart. It must be socialized from a very young age and without adequate training, they can become aggressive or destructive. They are not suitable dogs for first-time owners since it is necessary to have experience with dominant dogs. It is not a recommended dog for homes with small children.

Neapolitan Mastiff

It is a dog that needs human company and discipline. You don’t need to do much physical exercise.

4-Mudi Breed

The Mudi is a little-known sheepdog. Its origin is in Hungary, where it is still used today as a sheepdog, taking care of large flocks of sheep. It is a dog that is always alert, very active, and intelligent. It can be trained to perform any task well, from surveillance to hunting, search or rescue. Stands out in Agility and obedience activities.

You need to do a lot of physical exercises, although if you are well stimulated physically and mentally, you can stay calm at home when necessary. It responds well to positive reinforcement and is a loving and loyal dog. He loves to perform tasks that require mental effort and also those that allow him to discharge his energy. They are very well guarded dogs.

It requires an owner with leadership skills and adequate training from an early age. His great intelligence allows him to learn a multitude of orders very quickly.

Mudi dog

3-Peruvian Inca Orchid Breed

Although it is currently gaining popularity, this dog has been on the verge of extinction. Its origin is unknown, although its image appears in ceramic and artistic representations of the Incas in Peru. The breed is believed to be at least 3,000 years old. Its most striking feature is its lack of hair.

It is a very suitable dog to live in an apartment and does not need to do much exercise. It is a good watchdog. Spanish explorers discovered it in Peru and introduced it to other places in the world, giving it the name of “Flower Dog”, which later derived into the Peruvian Inca Orchid. Lacking hair, her skin is very sensitive and can be easily injured. It is a dog that can have dermatological problems and must protect itself from the sun. Some of their molars or premolars are often missing, which can also lead to health problems.

The Peruvian Inca Orchid is a very playful dog. At first, he is suspicious of strangers and other animals, but once he meets them, he is very friendly. He loves the company. He is smart and calm. Your training should be done smoothly as you are not receptive to harsh methods. It is important to know the language of dogs to train them well. He has a great instinct for protection and is always alert.

Peruvian Inca Orchid
Peruvian Inca Orchid

2-Puli Breed

Hungarian breed whose ancestors are believed to come from the Carpathians. The Sumerians are believed to have herded sheep with Puli dogs thousands of years ago. It is a medium-sized sheepdog, very affectionate, and easy to train. In his native land, he is used as a sheepherder. It gets along very well with children and is a great watchdog. His hair is very characteristic, forming cords similar to dreadlocks. It requires a lot of care, especially in the phase of string formation. Once formed, it is easy to maintain, although you will have to learn how to do it.

It is a dog with a strong structure, very active, which stands out in activities such as Agility. You need to do a lot of physical exercises, although you adapt well to urban life. The Puli is very smart, self-confident, and balanced. They defend their family and are suspicious of strangers. Currently, they are also used as therapy dogs, since they are very sensitive to the needs of the elderly, children and the sick.


He has a great personality and requires early socialization. His character is strong and he will try to get away with it. His strong instinct can make him shepherd your children or other family members. You need an owner who knows how to train you and maintain the hierarchy. It is essential to maintain obedience training. Being so smart and independent, training should be fun, because, if it is very repetitive, it will get boring. This is a dog that needs mental stimulation. It is a dog with a tendency to bark.

1-Double Nose Andean Tiger Breed

its weird-looking dog breed and It is an r extremely rare aza, very difficult to find outside Bolivia, its place of origin. This dog was developed to help track jaguars, often called tigers by locals. Although some do not, most of these dogs have a broken nose that is believed to enhance their sense of smell. Until recently, this breed was considered by many to be a member of cryptology. As it is not recognized as a breed, there is no standard to describe it. It is believed that it comes from the Pachón Navarro.

It is a dog that must be well trained and is suitable for owners who know how to maintain leadership since otherwise, the dog can express dominance and aggressiveness. Even if there are no indications that you get along with children, your interactions should be monitored. Strong and consistent socialization is necessary.

Double Nose Andean Tiger
Double Nose Andean Tiger

They are likely to be active dogs that enjoy long walks and will generally be happier with a job to do. Like most working dogs, they need plenty of exercises, usually an hour or more of vigorous activity each day, and should also be offered activities that keep their minds active and busy. This breed is said to have been developed to track jaguars, and they tend to have an excellent sense of smell and a high prey drive that can make them very suitable for activities such as lure tracking or sniffing.

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  • There are more than 300 officially recognized breeds in the world, although it is believed that there are many more.
  • Dog breeds are the result of careful selection to maintain the skills and characteristics of their ancestors.
  • Some breeds of dogs have a series of very peculiar characteristics. so that makes them a strangest dog
  • Among the strangest and most surprising dog breeds, we have selected 15 that you will like to know.

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