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Tasmanian Tiger

The Tasmanian Tiger “Tiger Wolf”

The Tasmanian tiger also called the Tasmanian wolf and thelacin, which was not a tiger or a wolf but was marsupial, was also closely related to a Tasmanian demon animal, and the last animal of this Extinct Tigers Species died in 1936, but hundreds of unconfirmed scenes spurred investigations into Whether the animal still lives.

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Tiger Wolf

Size of the Tasmanian tiger

The Tiger Wolf is one of the Largest Wolves In The World and now it became extinct with the death of the only member of its marsupial family, and it was the largest marsupial animal in the world, and the Tasmanian tiger was 39 to 51 inches (100 to 130 centimeters) long, and the tail added from 20 to 26 inches (50 to 65 cm) to its length, weighing of This tiger is 33 to 66 lbs (about 15 to 30 kg), according to Encyclopedia Britannica, the tiger wolf looked like dogs with yellow fur, and had black stripes throughout the body, and the tail resembled the tail of rodents.

Home of the Tasmanian Tiger

Fossil evidence indicates that the modern Tasmanian-tiger or thylasin, which means the marsupial name the dog-head appeared about 4 million years ago, and after its spread across Australia, the tiger wolf disappeared everywhere except for Tasmania about 2000 years ago, according to the National Museum of Australia, and from The disappearance was likely due to competition with Australian Dingo dogs, and people discovered the modern animal in Tasmania, and therefore its name.

Tasmanian Tiger babies
tiger wolf

Tasmanian tiger behavior

Although the Tiger Wolf has a sinister appearance, the Tiger Wolf was actually quite shy and could be caught without a fight, and often dies suddenly, perhaps from being traumatized, according to the Australian government, and researchers believe that the Tasmanian tiger falls prey to smell and hunting, in Mostly during the night, this tiger can hunt alone or with a partner, and most of the Tasmanian tigers were quiet creatures, but when hunting they would make a big noise like a small dog according to the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife service.

Tasmanian tiger and diet:
The Tasmanian tiger was a carnivore, and hunt kangaroos, sheep, and wallaby. It is reported that despite little research into eating habits of this marsupial, the Tasmanian tiger can open its mouth approximately 90 degrees, according to Encyclopedia Britannica, however, a study in the Journal of Zoology in August 2011 found that the Tasmanian tiger was not able to kill Large prey due to weak jaws, and the authors believed that the animal was looking for small marsupials such as the worm and the possum animal.

The Tasmanian Tiger Reproduction

This tiger is like other marsupials, the tiger wolf had a pod or bag, and its pod opening is facing its hind legs, in the pod, a female can carry two to four young children without hair at one time, and as the young grow, the pod expands to accommodate them, After the young Tasmanian tiger has become older, the young mother will be left in hiding, such as a cave or hollowwood, to go hunting. It is possible that this tiger lived in the wild from five to seven years, although he lived up to nine years in Families.

Tasmanian tiger familly
Tasmanian wolf tiger

Tasmanian tiger extinct

Estimates show That there were about 5,000 animals from the tiger wolf in the state of Tasmania when the Europeans settled in the region, according to the National Museum of Australia, and in 1830, Van Diemen Land Company provided a reward for the capture of the animal, and in 1888 the Tasmanian Parliament established a reward of $ 1.25 ) To catch the Tasmanian tiger, according to the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife service.

The last wild Tasmanian tiger was killed between 1910 and 1920, and in 1936 the last known tiger wolf called Benjamin died in captivity at the Beaumaris Zoo in Hobart, Australia, and this was only two months after the Australian government made the animal a protected species, and lists the union International Conservation of Nature that the tiger wolf is extinct, however, there have been hundreds of this tiger seen over the past 100 years or so, and in fact, investigations have stimulated after the latest scenes in their present existence. like the Caspian tiger

facts about the Tasmanian tiger

A research team at the Australian Museum launched the Tiger Reproduction project in 1999, and the research team obtained tissue samples from the female animal that have been preserved in alcohol for more than 100 years. They have managed to extract DNA, and by 2002 they had duplicated individual genes, However, in 2005, researchers decided that the quality of the DNA was too poor to work with, and the project was canceled.

Tasmanian tiger extinct
Tiger Wolf

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