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Top 10 Fastest Animal In The Land

The fastest animals in wild

To be in the list of the fastest animals in the world u need to have high speed .beacause the Speed is one of the most important characteristics of animals either for escape or for hunting, This makes speed an important factor in the survival of animals in the wild,

compared to the speed of humans with the fastest animals in the wilderness is very slow at an estimated speed of 18 miles per hour. In this paragraph, we will show you the list of the fastest wildlife in the world, confine it to the four-legged mammals.

so let’s see the list of the fastest animals

10 – a gray fox with a speed of 71 km

The gray fox is considered one of the most important rare animals that live in the wild. This fox is characterized by its strange gray color and its high speed that makes it one of the fastest animals in the earth. It is also a predator.This fox chooses the night for hunting because of its ability to look well at night. The gray fox in the desert rocky environment, which earned him even more excellence,
It is an endangered animal.gray fox speed

9 – Coyote with a speed of about 73 km

An animal known as a wolf of The plains, as they live in the open plains of North America from Costa Rica to Alaska, have a length of 90 centimeters and are said to be up to 135 centimeters long. The coyotes are an active wolf and most active during the early morning, especially winter. The coyotes of the most famous wolves intelligent and resourceful and is able to adapt himself to the circumstances surrounding it.Coyote speed

8-African wild dogs  with a speed of about 76 km

Most African wild dogs live in eastern and southern Africa and roam in a much larger area of ​​Africa.
African wild dogs are distinct from their mottled fur with various patches of color such as white, brown, black, red and yellow.African wild dogs are often called spotted dogs because of the shape of their fur and each of the African wild dogs has a unique pattern that distinguishes them from their own body. The African herd is similar to that of wolves and the ideal herd ranges from 6 to 20 wild dogs, enabling them to catch large prey such as antelopes, impalas, wild calves and deer.African dogs speed

7 – Deer animal with a speed of 76 km

Also known as elk, elites are the last ruminant wildlife in temperate regions. There are 44 species spread across the world across 17 genera. The most prevalent in the forests of Europe are the red elk (Cervus elaphus), the European brown elk. In Scandinavia, we find reindeer, which is also found in Central Europe. Cervus nippon.deer  speed

6 – quarter horse and a speed of about 80 km.

The Quarter Horse is the fastest horse in the world and has been named by this name because it can usually precede all rivals in the race a quarter of a mile or less and for its high speed usually participate in the world famous horse races and a top speed of 80 km per hour.quarter horse speed

5 – Gazelle with a speed of about 85 km

Is a mammal. It is found in the desert of southwest Asia and in Africa, where the savannah and the desert of North Africa, such as the desert of Algeria and the desert of Libya, is also present in Morocco. It is considered one of the fastest mammals and is threatened with extinction in the absence of laws protecting it in these countries and illegal fishing.Gazelle speed

4 – The lion has a speed of about 85 km.

The lion is a carnivorous animal, which feeds mainly on large animals with a mass of 45-453 kg, but in cases of food shortage it can feed on smaller animals, and the animals that predate them: zebra, wild rabbits, buffalo ,Reptiles, rodents and African titl, and Assad uses his powerful jaws to bite or strangle his prey to death.lion speed

3 – wildebeest with a speed of about 85 km

It is a strange animal named «wildebeest» also known as the African Tetel, a distinctive animal, where it combines the head and horns of the bull, and the face of the cow, and the tail and horse hair. Every year, with the onset of the summer months, more than 1,400 kilometers go to northern Kenya in search of food and water, and by early February the herd returns home.
It is considered one of the basic animals in Africa and is one of the herds exposed to predation by predators and the most famous black predators, especially lionesses as well as the African tiger, cheetahs and hyenas.wildebeest speed

2 – Antelope with a speed of 104 km

Antelopes are medium-sized animals, which roam savannah and forests in eastern and southern Africa, distinct from other varieties of deer in the form where the animal Antelope is a very fast and graceful creatures as well, it is able to jump high in the air up to 3 meters.that is why he take the second place of the most fastest animals in the world.Antelope speed

1-Cheetah hunter with speed between 100 to 120 km per hour

The Cheetah or hunting tiger is a unique species of feline species, characterized by super fast as it is the fastest animal on earth at a speed of 120 km per hour,
He lives in sub-Saharan Africa, and some live in isolated enclaves in North Africa, Iran and Pakistan. The largest concentration of cheetahs in the world is in Namibia, southwest Africa, which some call the “land of cheetahs”.
Cheetah is the last of the claws of the fixed-clawed animals that have been extinct for thousands of years as a result of natural factors, ranging in length from one hundred and ninety centimetres. , And a height of more than three meters at a time.cheetah hunting

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