Types Of Extinct Tigers Species

Extinct Tigers Species

Extinct Tiger Species The largest cat in the world is the tiger. Tigers have an orange coat with characteristic black vertical stripes that help camouflage when hunting for prey; there are black and white tigers with gold stripes, as well as white ones (albinos). The stripes on the body of tigers are as individual as … Read more

Caspian Tiger Extinct

Caspian tiger extinct

Caspian Tiger “Panthera tigris virgata” Other names Persian tiger or Caspian tiger Scientific Classification Scientific name Pathera tigris virgata Kingdom: Animals Edge: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Carnivora Family: Felidae Habitat: Asia Caspian tiger The Caspian tiger ( Panthera tigris Tigris, syn. Panthera tigris virgata ) was a tiger population in the Middle East and Central … Read more

Tasmanian Tiger

wolf tiger

The Tasmanian Tiger “Tiger Wolf” The Tasmanian tiger also called the Tasmanian wolf and thelacin, which was not a tiger or a wolf but was marsupial, was also closely related to a Tasmanian demon animal, and the last animal of this Extinct Tigers Species died in 1936, but hundreds of unconfirmed scenes spurred investigations into … Read more