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List of Extinct Tigers With Pictures

tiger extinct

Tigers Endangered Species There is hardly any space left on earth for the tiger. Poaching and illegal deforestation threaten the species. 100 years ago, about 100,000 tigers lived in the forests of Asia. Today there are still about 3400, spread over a few dozen areas from the Indonesian island of …

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Caspian Tiger Extinct

Caspian tiger extinct

Caspian Tiger “Panthera tigris virgata” Other namesPersian tiger or Caspian tigerScientific ClassificationScientific namePathera tigris virgataKingdom:AnimalsEdge:ChordataClass:MammaliaOrder:CarnivoraFamily:FelidaeHabitat:Asia The Caspian tiger ( Panthera tigris Tigris, syn. Panthera tigris virgata ) was a tiger population in the Middle East and Central Asia. By the end of the 20th century, sparse forests and river corridors …

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Tasmanian Tiger

wolf tiger

The Tasmanian Tiger “Tiger Wolf” The Tasmanian tiger also called the Tasmanian wolf and thelacin, which was not a tiger or a wolf but was marsupial, was also closely related to a Tasmanian demon animal, and the last animal of this Extinct Tigers Species died in 1936, but hundreds of …

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Ice Tiger (The Saber-Toothed Tiger)

ice tiger

why the Saber Tooth Tiger is known as the Ice Tiger Scientists believe that this tiger had experienced the last period of the ice age with mammoths and promised other types of mammals, so it was called the ice tiger with another type of tiger that lived in the same …

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tiger the endangered species

feeding the tigers

The Tiger The tiger is the largest cat in the world. Admired and feared, it has been a part of the stories and art of humans for thousands of years, and today it is a very popular animal around the world. Their beautiful striped fur makes them easy to recognize …

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