How To Give a Dog a Capsule? Tricks and Tips

how to give a dog a capsule

How To Give a Capsule Pill to Dog So you need to give your dog a capsule and you are looking for some tricks of the trade. No worries, you are not alone! , many dog owners have the same problem! Indeed, when I worked for an animal hospital, we often had appointments just for … Read more

How to take care of a sick dog

dog being sick

Taking care of a sick dog First, it is important to know how to identify a sick puppy, which is not always an easy task. To perceive this easily is, without a doubt, always necessary to observe the animal a lot. After all, who has enough coexistence with the dog itself, knows very well when behavioral disturbances … Read more

Anti-Inflammatory For Dogs

Anti-Inflammatory For Dog

Anti-Inflammatory For Dogs. They’re Safe? Are They Effective? Dogs can also suffer from painful inflammations. Sometimes they are even paralyzed with pain. In these cases, anti-inflammatory drugs, both steroids (corticosteroids) and non-steroids (NSAIDs), can alleviate symptoms. In this article, we will take a brief look at existing anti-inflammatory drugs for dogs, their characteristics, and their effectiveness. However, … Read more