Chow Chow Panda Dog Breed

chow chow panda dog

What Breed is a Panda Dog? The Chow Chow Panda or Pandog, it’s one of the strangest dogs breeds, they are also known, are not any type of dog breed, they are only dogs that have the appearance of a panda. As well? They are only dogs made up by means of a painting technique making their appearance … Read more

How to Take Care of small Turtles in the home in easy way

small turtle

how to take care of small turtles

1/Create a large basin for the turtle

It is necessary to allocate a large rectangular glass basin for small turtles depending on the number and size of the turtles.

The glass basin should have a place for rocks, another for water and a place for small turtles to get out of the water to dry.

2/ Place a water heater:

The breeder should be keen to put a water heater in the aquarium because small turtles are organisms that can not regulate the temperature of their bodies so cold water can cause a lot of health problems. So we will need to regulate the water temperature to fit the small turtle by installing the water heater.

Most small turtles need a temperature between 30 – 33 degrees Celsius. You should also make sure that the heater cover is made of plastic or metal, not glass, so that it does not break under any pressure, taking care to check the water temperature from time to time using the thermometer.

3 /Plentiful enough space

Make sure that small turtles can get out of the water until they are completely dry.The dry land area should be about 25% of the glass basin.

Sometimes turtles need to rest and go out on land to dry or perhaps to eat. Therefore, it is very useful to pay attention to the availability of land area for small turtles within the aquarium, because the land area helps the turtle to feel an environment similar to its natural environment and this provides the turtle longer life and better health.

Use a water filter and clean it

You can use a water filter to avoid changing water more than once a day.

The filter will also help to purify water from impurities and small bacteria that may cause turtle disease.

4 /Use the air pump

A highly efficient water pump should be used to preserve oxygen in the water and to stop the growth of anaerobic bacteria that cause the aquarium to be dirty and this poses a serious risk to the turtle’s health.

Place the plants in the aquarium

It is essential to give the aquarium a natural look and make it look like a real natural environment

It also has many benefits, including cleaning the aquarium from bacteria, carbon dioxide and various pollutants that lead to the growth of unwanted algae.

Some believe that this step is not important but it is very useful in how to care for the small amphibian turtles and provide the best environment for them.

5/daily nutrition

Little turtles like to eat a lot of food to grow healthy and natural.

Turtles can eat all their seasoned foods, preferably under the supervision of a veterinarian.

It is necessary to provide all kinds of foods and good diversification so that turtles can get all the nutrients necessary for their healthy growth.

Diverse food is the best way to ensure small turtles stay healthy.

17 Toxic Foods for Cats

foods toxic to cats

17 Toxic Food For CatsĀ 

list of poisonous foods to cats

Food is an important thing that is needed by the body. Every day we eat, breakfast to prepare energy for activities and other foods to help the body stay in shape. Likewise with cats, cat’s protein and energy sources are also food. Therefore we as owners are urged to feed the cat on time.

As a good owner we must also pay attention to the food that cats consume because it will have an impact on cat health. In addition to feeding him, you must also be responsive enough to care for, bathe and pamper the cat. Therefore we must know that food and drinks are dangerous for cats.

However, did you know that cats cannot be given any food? False feeding will have an impact on your cat’s health and can even cause quite severe poisoning. For that we must be responsive in taking care of the cat huh!

Here are 19 foods that are dangerous for cats:


If some of you have heard of a dog as poisoned after eating chocolate, it turns out that also happens to cats. Well, some animals are not allowed to consume Chocolate because chocolate contains high toxicity and can make cats diarrhea, vomiting and make the cat’s heart rate become irregular so chocolate is a dangerous food for cats which is very terrible.


Actually, many of you gave Cat rice, right? The fact is too much carbohydrate in the body is not good for cats. Generally cats don’t need a lot of carbohydrates because a cat’s body will still drain energy even when the cat doesn’t do anything, so if the cat’s intake is only rice it will actually make the cat’s body weaken and eventually get sick!

3-Tuna fish

Although commercial-clan tuna fish with cats, it turns out these fish are not good if consumed in excess by cats! because tuna doesn’t have a lot of minerals and vitamins that are sufficient for the cat’s growth and development. Even if you eat a lot of tuna, your cat will be mercury poisoned.

4-Salted fish

In the village, many kind-hearted residents deliberately feed cats with salted fish, indeed cats really like fish. But apparently salted fish is very bad for log cats! Salted fish will clamp up on the cat’s fur so that it will fall out even humps!


Like humans, if too much fat is accumulated in the human body it will become unhealthy. But the function of fat as energy must also be given, just don’t overdo it or lots of it!


Everybody knows that onions have Disufide and Sulfoxide content in them which makes onions as dangerous food for cats. This content is not good for cats! The content of Sulfoxide will make the red blood cells disrupted and become a sick cat which is quite severe.


Same only with Bombay, garlic has the same content because they are still one family. The difference is, garlic has a stronger yag content so that if consumed by cats will result in fatal events than when using Bombay onions.

8-Raw Eggs

Some animals such as horses are often given a mixture of raw eggs so that the stamina of the horse is maintained. But don’t ever do that to a cat! Salmonella bacteria can interfere with the process of absorption of vitamin B for cats, because vitamin B if I am an important substance.

9-Foods That Contain Salt

It turns out that salt can make electrolytes in cats become unbalanced tablets.


Although it doesn’t cause internal diseases like other dangerous foods, fish bones can threaten the cat. Sharpness from fish bones can injure the cat’s throat or mouth.


The ingredients of persin are not only contained in avocados, stems, leaves and bark of avocado trees also contain persin which will cause poisoning in cats. Substance persin can cause the cat’s auto bib work becomes unstable and damaged, the cat becomes unable to breath normally and even makes the cat diarrhea and vomiting, that’s why the pile is a dangerous food for cats.


As with avocado, all parts of Orange are poisonous if the cat eats it. Citrus acid will cause irritation and damage the nerves of the cat’s brain. This fruit is very dangerous because not only the fruit but the trunk, bark and trees also contain Citrus acid.


Who would have thought that raisins might cause severe diarrhea if consumed by cats? Indeed, this fruit is rich in vitamins for humans, but for cats this fruit is like poison because it can also damage the cat’s kidneys.


Just the same as raisins, grapes have a vitamin content that is good for the human body. But grapes can cause diarrhea and kidney failure for cats, this fruit is quite dangerous if accidentally eaten by our cat.


Drinks that contain caffeine are not suitable for digestion by a cat’s stomach. Coffee is one of the drinks that contain lots of caffeine which is high in containing Theobromine and Theophylline which can make cats affected by heart failure. Because it’s the same as humans who will feel nervous when drinking a lot of coffee.


Many people already know that alcohol has many bad effects on the human body. This deadly stamped drink is very unsuitable given by any animal including cats because it is included in the Dangerous Food for Cats. A cat’s stomach is very intolerant of alcohol so even if only a few are consumed the cat might die poisoned!


Although the immune system of cats is almost the same as humans, it does not mean we can give the same medicine to cats. Paracetamol can cause the cat’s weakness accompanied by vomiting.

If the cat is sick, take the doctor to give a special medicine to the cat, because after all humans and cats are different.

Now that’s the type of food dangerous for cats if consumed. Especially if your cat is a purebred cat, surely you must be prepared and date to feed it nutritiously and also willingly spend a fair amount of money.

Hopefully this article can help you take care of your cats to avoid dangerous food! Because for me I can eat all food! Pay attention to the food that enters the body of the cat!