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Dogs diseases and how to treat them


 Dogs diseases and treatment Dogs It is  one of the animals raised by some in homes and farms, and live outside the home in a place dedicated to them.Therefore you may be exposed to some health problems and some dog diseases . And some dog diseases such as abdominal disorders such …

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17 Toxic Foods for Cats

foods toxic to cats

17 Toxic Food For Cats  list of poisonous foods to cats Food is an important thing that is needed by the body. Every day we eat, breakfast to prepare energy for activities and other foods to help the body stay in shape. Likewise with cats, cat’s protein and energy sources …

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Safety Environment For Dogs

German Shepherd Dog with disc

safety environment for dog All dogs need a maintain save environment  so it can be way from dog Diseases ,so there is somethings u should do to keep it save it may simple but its so important that is a list of things to have a safety environment for dog …

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