The Arabian Horses

Arabian horses

The Arabian Horses The Ultimate Guide The Arabian Thoroughbred The Arabian Thoroughbred or The Arabian Horse is a horse native to the Middle East and known to be the most beautiful horse in the world. The Arabian Horses one of the oldest horse breeds known to date. Very enduring and elegant, he is at the … Read more

Are There Still Wild Horses

wild horses life

FOR MOST PEOPLE, the idea of wild horses conjures up images of proud mustangs galloping across the American prairie. Yet the last truly wild horses disappeared from North America at the end of the last ice age, about 12,000 years ago. In fact, there are no wild horses left in the world today. The American mustangs, the Australian brumbies, … Read more

Everything About horses (Horses Domestication )

beautiful white horse

Horse, mare, a monophonic herbivore the horse belongs to the mammal group (the same group of cats, dogs, and humans as well), and is classified within the same species like the zebra (white and black lines) and donkey. Vulgaris. Scientifically, all the horses in the world are considered to be one type of animal, but … Read more