The 5 Types Of German Shepherds Dogs In The World

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German Shepherd Dog Before we talk about the Types Of German Shepherds Dogs we need to know about these breeds, the German Shepherd dog is a modern, medium to the large size dog breed that originated in Germany. These dogs were originally trained and popular for herding sheep and patrolling territory borders during wars. German … Read more

The Unique Hybrid German Shepherd Wolf Breed

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All You Need to Know About the Hybrid German Shepherd Wolf You may be surprised to learn that humans have raised wolves as pets for about 15,000 years. But will Wolfdog or the Hybrid German Shepherd Wolf serve as fantastic pets as Dogs do? Wolf-Shepherds are not a new discovery, and even today there are … Read more

Full Profile Of The Original German Shepherd Dog

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Opinions are divided on the Original German Shepherd Dog. There is hardly a dog in the world that is so well known and loved as the german shepherd dog, but hardly any other breed has so many Features. It is perhaps even more important for Original German Shepherds than for other breeds that they are … Read more

The Unique Old German Shepherd Dog Breed

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The Old Style Of German Shepherd Dog breed Strictly speaking, the “Old German Shepherd Dog breed” does not exist – at least not as an independent breed recognized by the FCI. In general, the term refers to long haired german shepherd dog. Regardless of these circumstances, the pretty German Shepherd variant with the bushy hair … Read more