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Sloughi The Ultimate Breed Guide


Arabian Greyhound “Sloughi Breed” Arabian Greyhound or Berber Greyhound “Sloughi” is going to title for the most clever of greyhounds. Sloughi is one of the fastest dogs breed Along with the Af Ghana and the Persian, he is one of the three greyhounds of Asian origin. Still, it was the …

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Advice for People who will Get a New Dog

pet care

Advice for people to get Dog before you start to know how to deal with a new dog you should train the dog every time you have chance so you will not have any problem in the future. A dog can make a great addition to the family, but Bedford …

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How The Dogs “Feel” With Their Owners!

dogs feel

Dogs Feelings Many dog ​​owners believe their pets are capable of extrapolating human emotions, but scientists have been able to prove that this loyal friend can actually sense his feelings. By gathering information from different perceptions, about animals the researchers found, dogs can form abstract mental images of positive or …

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Dog Species Name

dog breed names

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