How To Give a Dog a Capsule? Tricks and Tips

how to give a dog a capsule

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Anti-Inflammatory For Dogs

Anti-Inflammatory For Dog

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The most dangerous diseases can kill dogs

dog diseases

the most dangerous  diseases of dog

there is alot of dangerous diseases of dogs and Sometimes you may notice strange symptoms on your dog, and after a medical examination it turns out that you have a serious illness. There are also many serious cases that your dog may be exposed to, but not all cases are life-threatening.
The medical terms of the disease sometimes seem a bit terrifying, making you suffer and worry even though they may not be dangerous at all.
This does not mean that we neglect the visit of the veterinarian.
When your dog gets sick, you need to think rationally to make the right decision about treating your dog as quickly as possible.
Just visit your veterinarian immediately to treat your dog at an emergency hospital.
It is normal for all dog owners to show anxiety and stress about their dogs’ condition.
In fact, there are some medical conditions that seem more anxious than they really are, and we’ll give you some of these in our article.

that is the list of the msot dangerous diseases of dogs

fmd dog

1/Lameness cases:

In cases of lameness the dog does not use one or more of its limbs in a natural way, due to a problem with his musculoskeletal system.
A really worrying thing is that the dog is lameness in his hand, but that is not always a concern.
An expert doctor who owns an animal hospital in Washington says there are many lameness that heals in an hour or less.
There are at least 20% of lameness cases that cannot be detected at the same time you reach the hospital, so be patient when determining the type of disease.
If the limp persists in the dog’s foot for a day or more, then you should see a doctor immediately, it may be a sign that the dog has something serious.
The same applies to lameness, which is accompanied by severe pain or obvious abnormalities in the dog’s leg.


If you find tapeworms on the chair where your dog sits, or notice them on their anus, or even notice that they are in their favorite resting place, it indicates that they have tapeworms.
These dog worms cause itching and discomfort, and doctors say they are relatively harmless to dogs.
But you should check any worms infected by the dog and examine the poo well and treatment as soon as possible.
Tapeworms are usually fairly benign and not dangerous, but this does not prevent them from being treated quickly and not neglecting treatment in any way. Read: Damage to kissing cats, dogs and pets

3/Viral Papillomas:

its a dangerous diseases of dogs its  a small appendages found in the mouths of dogs and is one of the most common cases in dogs under the age of two .. Read: Stomatitis in dogs: Ulcers of tissues and gums in the dog
It is also considered an infectious disease, so if your dog is found to be infected, keep it away from other dogs for up to three months until these appendages disappear completely.
Unfortunately, infected dogs often cause infections before these appendages develop, so you will always need to monitor all dogs in your home to prevent the disease from spreading.
Some doctors liken this disease to human smallpox, which is generally harmless in most cases.
Viral papillomas go untreated within a few months, but this does not prevent the veterinarian from taking the necessary action.

4/Tumors of malignant tissues:

These tumors are considered malignant and there are many strains that develop these tumors.
If you have an older breed, you may also be exposed to these tumors, which usually appear as small red bumps on the dog’s head, neck, torso and ears.
In fact, malignant tumors are more common in younger dogs, and usually disappear within one to three months.
Although these tumors can be surgically removed if they become painful or begin to bleed and double in size, they may indicate something serious.
Be sure to check your dog well in case of rapid treatment if the disease is dangerous to your dogs.

5/Lupus Immune Disease:

Doctors have said that the disease may be treated radically at times, but at other times it is possible that the disease reappears.
There are two types of lupus that must be distinguished well: systemic lupus erythematosus and discoid lupus erythematosus.
Both diseases alter the immune system by making antibodies believe the presence of natural DNA, which is actually a viral DNA.
In the case of systemic lupus erythematosus, antibodies can attack throughout the body and cause serious damage and destruction in different locations.
These places may include skin, blood cells and various organs, and this disease may cause lameness to the dog and threaten his life if left untreated.
The systemic type of the disease is significantly less common than the disc type. The disc type is often confined to the skin.
You may notice that your dog’s nose or lips lose their pigment or become scaly, and are relatively easy to treat with a combination of medications and supplements.
With care to avoid exposing your dog to the sun, you should realize that this disease is not as dangerous diseases of dogs as  SLE.

6/Possible heart hole:

Healthy dog heartbeats are often heard during a routine physical examination at a veterinarian.
If the dog has a hole in his heart, blood flows abnormally and disturbed into the heart.
This blood flow may not be a major problem in itself, nor is it a sign of diseases inside or outside the heart.
Even in older dogs, heart conditions are relatively benign and do not require immediate treatment.
However, although this may not be a serious condition at all, it is necessary to follow up with the veterinarian and examine the dog once every four or six months.

In the end i hope that no one see this in his dog or any kind of sick in his anima but dont be careless and take care of your animals so good .

Safety Environment For Dogs

safety environment for dog

All dogs need a maintain save environment  so it can be way from dog Diseases ,so there is somethings u should do to keep it save it may simple but its so important

that is a list of things to have a safety environment for dog

1 / Avoid feeding unsafe food for dogs like some human food . Foods that are safe for humans can be deadly to dogs. Products such as xylitol are especially dangerous for your dog and are found in sugar-free foods and dental care products.
Some other toxic foods include: bread dough, chocolate, avocado, alcohol, grapes, raisins, onions, garlic and other foods.
2 / Avoid giving human medicine to your dog. Avoid giving human medicine until you check with your veterinarian. These medications may be toxic to dogs and may worsen the disease.
3 / Beyond toxic substances from your home, garage and yard. Always watch your dog when he’s out. Keep poisonous materials out of the reach of your dog. These include pesticides, antifreeze, fertilizers, prescription drugs, pesticides, and other substances  These can be toxic and deadly to the dog.

If your dog is slightly ill (he doesn’t eat well for a day, is disturbed, vomits once or twice, or has a bout of diarrhea), you can watch him carefully at home and contact your veterinarian for advice.

and there is other more things u should do :

Visit the veterinarian once every six months instead of once a year to check on the dog’s health, conduct laboratory tests and diagnostic imaging.
Be sure to walk the dog for short periods several times a day to keep him active.
Use the slopes inside the house to help the dog climb the stairs, and put special rugs to protect it from slipping while walking.
Provide dog orthopedic bed  Orthopedic Dog Bed) to relieve body pain. Feed your dog a healthy, nutritious, low-calorie diet, and provide nutritional supplements for older dogs.
Keep a record of your dog’s health, contact your veterinarian and ask for help if you notice changes in his or her behavior or health.

and the last thing u should do is train your dog evey time u have chance and play with him that can help to make him happy with the familly