Keeping and Caring For Cheetah as a Pet

cheetah as a pet

Breeding Cheetah as a Pet Breeding cheetah as a pet is a rare and strange identity that has spread among the wealthy and imitated by some adventure lovers. It is unimaginable for some people to see a predatory animal sleeping next to you, and its instinct urges predation. Still, with the development of science and … Read more

Top 10 of The Fastest Animals On the land

fastest animals on the land

Fastest Animals on The Land To be in the list of the fastest animals on the land u need to have a high speed with abilities to Maneuver .beacause the Speed is one of the most important characteristics of animals either for escape or for hunting, This makes speed an important factor in the survival … Read more

fastest land animal In the world Cheetah

Cheetah life

Cheetah A cheetah is a wild cat that belongs to the feline family, which includes lions, tigers, and eaves. It has characteristics that distinguish it from other animals. It is one of the fiercest fighting animals and one of the fastest animals on the land. His slender structure¬†It made him run at speeds exceeding 120 … Read more