The Egyptian Sphynx Cat Breed

egyptian sphynx cat

Egyptian Hairless Cat! We always hear about the Egyptian Sphynx Cat or Egyptian Hairless Cat it is one of the most expensive cats in the world, but the fact is The very term “Sphynx” takes us to the realms of ancient Egypt. It is true that cats were life-saving companions to the people of ancient … Read more

List of Cats In The Wild

List of Cats In The Wild

List of Cats In The Wild The discretion of this beautiful nocturnal feline is perhaps one of the reasons which made it difficult to observe its evolution. A host of forests and their edges, it lives in Europe, Asia and Africa, before we see the List of Cats In The Wild let’s know little about … Read more

Egyptian Cat Breeds

Egyptian cat breeds

Egyptian Cat Breeds in The ancient Egyptian civilization The ancient Egyptian civilization revered cats to the point that one of their goddesses, Bastet or Bast, was represented in the form of this feline and considered the divinity of the home and protector of the family. A cult of this type is not surprising since several breeds of cats have their origin … Read more