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Advice for People who will Get a New Dog

pet care

Advice for people to get Dog before you start to know how to deal with a new dog you should train the dog every time you have chance so you will not have any problem in the future. A dog can make a great addition to the family, but Bedford …

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dangerous pets for your children

dangerous pets for kids

Can pets be dangerous for children? Many people, especially children, tend to own animals and raise them indoors, and although children who raise pets usually learn empathy and compassion, the child may be exposed to a number of risks due to raising these animals at home. In her report, published …

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How The Dogs “Feel” With Their Owners!

dogs feel

Dogs Feelings Many dog ​​owners believe their pets are capable of extrapolating human emotions, but scientists have been able to prove that this loyal friend can actually sense his feelings. By gathering information from different perceptions, about animals the researchers found, dogs can form abstract mental images of positive or …

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When the dog hates their owner! and why?

what the dogs hate

Everyone thinks that dogs worship their owners and see them as gods of some sort. This may be true in most cases, but it is not always the case. Someone says: As a veterinarian, I have studied animal and human/dog behavior and their relationship for 30 years, I can confirm …

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Methods of decision making in animals And how that happens

how animal make decision

The following article reviews Methods of decision-making in animals, Contrary to the notion that animals are not organized, this is evident from baboons passing through bees, not ants, this interesting article explores exciting concepts in the animal world. decision making in animals At present, the ballot box is one of …

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