Keeping and Caring For Silver Fox as a Pet

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The Silver Fox pet

In the wild, the silver fox is a red fox with melanism. However, when you refer to the silver fox as a pet, you are talking about animals raised on specialized farms engaged in production and which perpetuate the genes of these animals to reproduce them and am not talking here about the farms that use fur of this cute animal in some kind of production of expensive fur.

Obviously, farmed silver foxes cannot be easily integrated into the wild because they are not trained to deal with wildlife. Likewise, wild foxes will not get used to captivity and will be very unhappy. because it used to live in the wild.

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Silver Fox pet

Owning a Silver Fox as a Pet!

At Animal Zone we present the main characteristics of the silver fox as a pet. However, be aware that we do not consider the domesticated silver fox to be an ideal or perfect pet like cats or dogs or other pets. If you read our article you will understand why.

A dozen puppies have been adopted by families from America, the Netherlands, South Korea and Russia. In France, the pet fox is illegal.

silver fox as a pet! yes, it is possible. In Siberia, scientists have been working on the domestication of the animal since the 1950s. The geneticist Dmitry Belyaev and his team started their work with silver foxes from fox farms of the USSR. They chose the animal for its resemblance to dogs and because some of them had already been domesticated for the production of fur.

silver fox pet

“We have formed a group of farmers from all over the USSR for crossbreeding. Then, in their offspring, we selected all the calmer little ones, ”recalls Lyudmila Trut, a researcher at the Genetics Laboratory of the Novosibirsk Institute of Cytology and Genetics
After this work on generations and generations of foxes, the breeding belonging to the researchers sells foxes domesticated since 2011. A dozen of them have already taken up residence with families in America, in the Netherlands, in South Korea, and in Russia. In France, the fox is not one of the pets. Having one at home is considered illegal.

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Is Having a Silver Fox as a Pet Legal?

can I own a silver fox ?

So, you’re convinced a silver fox as a pet for you. Before you commit to getting this exotic pet, check your state’s laws or your country laws. After checking your state’s laws, check your city or county laws to be sure. For example, the Fennec foxes are illegal as pets in California. They are legal in Pennsylvania and Nebraska as pets though. After doing your research, check out if the laws allow you to have one then you are free to get your own cute little fox.
if ur state alow you to have a fennec fox as a pet then the silver fox allowed too.

Is it safe to have a fox as a pet?

Foxes don’t make good pets like any other wild animal. Although they are very rarely aggressive to humans and rarely heard about a fox attack a human, they may bite if distressed or panicked like other pets– which, as wild animals, they can become quite easily if in contact with people. “It’s because they’re so highly wired,” but for sure if you know how to treat ur silver fox pet you will not have any problem.

Silver Fox Pet Price?

How much is a Fox pet worth?

The costs of adopting a Silver Fox vary from place to place, but the average price is around $1500 to $1800 for a healthy adult fox. and $1500 for the silver fox puppy.
Sure fox adoption need a big budget and care so better be ready for the cost of having this cute pet this if u could find one it because there are few breeders who try to breed this kind of foxes

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silver fox

Silver Fox pet Care

The silver fox imperatively requires living outside. It needs a doghouse or hut similar to that of dogs. It should never be inside an apartment or house unless you want it to destroy everything quickly and easily. He should not be locked in a cage, as he could go mad and possibly die from better to have a big space or big farm so he can have the freedom to go away and go around but he will come back for food or sleep

If you want a domesticated silver fox as a pet and you have raised the possibility of keeping it locked up, even if it is only for a few hours a day, ask yourself this question: would you force a dog to live in a cage?

silver foxes
silver fox pet
Silver Fox as a Pet

What Do Silver Foxes Eat?

Although it is under the Order Carnivora, this can be misleading in terms of their dietary habits. In fact, foxes are omnivores, meaning they will eat both meat (including fresh kills and carrion) and plant foods. Their diet mainly consists of rodents, rabbits, insects, birds, berries, and other plants, depending on location.

silver fox smell

Foxes emit a very strong smell. They have a gland under the tail which secretes a very powerful odorous secretion. This, in addition to the pestilential smell of urine and stool, is one of the reasons why the domestic silver fox (or other foxes) has never been considered a valuable pet for humans in the course of history.

silver fox behavior with other pets

he is absolutely not friendly with other animals The silver fox is incompatible and aggressive with other animals. Foxes are exterminating predators, they kill for the pleasure of killing. It’s in their nature. It is well known that when they sneak into a chicken coop, they kill all the chickens and take only one to eat it. that is why you cant have silver fox with Dogs or cats or birds or fish, all are in danger if a fox lives on the same spot.

With very large dogs, it may be they who end up with the fox, because the dog will feel an aggressive reaction to the stench of an atavistic enemy.

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silver foxes
silver fox pet
silver fox behavior

Can Silver Fox pet Train?

No matter what any breeder or fans say about silver foxes they cannot be potty trained. A small percentage will instinctively use a litter box or puppy training pads nearly all the time.

source: planeteanimal

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