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sharpei bearcoat

About Sharpei Bear coat

Sharpei Bear coat or The Shar-Pei is a type of dog breed known for its deep wrinkles and a blue-black tongue. The breed originates from southern China. The English name “sharpei bearcoat” derives from the British spelling of the older Cantonese shā pèih (沙皮, Mandarin: shā pí), which translates to “sandy skin” and refers to the texture of the breed’s short, rough coat. As puppies, Sharpei Bear coat has numerous wrinkles, but as they mature, these loosen and spread out as they “grow into their skin”. The Sharpei Bear coat was named in 1978 as one of the world’s rarest dog breeds by TIME magazine and Guinness World Records. Although the Sharpei Bearcoat has been identified as a basal breed that predates the emergence of the modern breeds in the 19th century, the American Kennel Club recognized it as their 134th breed only in 1992.

bear shar pei
big shar pei

Sharpei Bearcoat Traits

Sharpei Weight40 to 65 lb (18 to 29 kg)
Male 35 to 65 lb (16 to 29 kg)
Female 40 to 55 lb (18 to 25 kg)
Sharpei Height18 to 22 in (46 to 56 cm) for Standard
15 to 18 in. for Miniature
under 15 in. for Toy
Sharpei CoatHorse-coat, brush-coat and bear-coat
Sharpei Color

Lifespan expectancy
red, red-fawn, five-point red, black, sables, black silver sables, black bronze sables, blue, brown, lilac, cream, apricot, chocolate, cream dilute, apricot dilute, chocolate dilute, Isabella (silver shading on a dilute-colored dog), flower-coat (white with either black or blue patches)

Shar-pei lifespan from 8 – 12 years.
bear shar pei

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Origin and the History of Sharpei Bear Coat

That sharpei bearcoat… sounds like Chinese to you, right? Well indeed! The Sharpei Bear coat dog originated in southern China, a successor to dogs such as the chow chow Dog or the Tibetan mastiff. It is one of the oldest known races; it is estimated that it could have arisen around the year 200 a. C.

For many years, the Sharpei Bear coat dog used for many tasks, it is multitasking! He was a hunting dog, a sheepdog, a watchdog … and unfortunately, also a fighting dog.

Due to the wars suffered in the country during the 20th century, in the 1940s the Chinese state decreed that dogs were a luxury and should be consumed as food to cope with famine . This had subsequent consequences; As a result of long-standing customs, the Yulin festival began, based on the consumption of dog meat.

Sharpei Bear coat dogs were saved from extinction thanks to their export to other countries, especially the USA.

sharpei bear coat
Sharpei Bear coat

Sharpei Bear coat character

The sharpei bearcoat is a very calm, docile, and very affectionate dog with his masters, with whom he is also quite protective and respectful.

He is also very faithful and attached, but in contrast, quite independent. Unlike other dog breeds, the sharpei bearcoat does not need constant attention. Of course, these are general characteristics, do not forget that each dog has its personality ; you can meet a Sharpei Bear coat who wants to socialize more with his family.

as for education, the Sharpei Bear coat dog is very intelligent but somewhat stubborn; it may be somewhat disobedient at the beginning of the training. This, however, should not set us back. Like any other dog, the Sharpei Bear coat needs socialization and learning at least basic commands since he is a puppy. In this way, we will ensure that their future relationships are peaceful and correct, both with people and with other animals.

This process of socialization and education requires time, patience, and respect, but it is very rewarding once the desired results are achieved, strengthening the relationship with the dog.

shar pei breeders
Sharpei Bear coat

Sharpei Bear coat dog characteristics

The sharpei bearcoat is recognized as an official breed by the FCI”Fédération Cynologique Internationale”. classified as a bulldog type molosoid breed. The Sharpei Bear coat dog has spread throughout the world, so there are different bloodlines for this dog; but there are two that are the most common and recognized, the American shar-pei, and the Chinese, which is the original breed.

It is a medium-sized and very well-proportioned dog, robust and compact. Its most recognized characteristic is, of course, its skin. It is wide and full of wrinkles, as well as something greasy. His wrinkles were an excellent advantage in his times as a fighting dog, since being so wide it prevented him from suffering deep wounds. The hair itself, on the other hand, is also quite peculiar. It is a type of coat called “horse coat”, very soft, short and close to the body. It can be of various colors, such as blue, gray, white, cream … They usually have a darker muzzle area.

Other characteristics characteristic of the Sharpei Bear coat dog is the round tail, the dark eyes, and the tiny ears.

Sharpei Bear Coat Training

The Sharpei Bear Coat Dog is an intelligent dog although sometimes it can be a little stubborn. We have to actively work in its education and training to foster a sociable and kind dog:

shar pei
Sharpei black in front of a white background

Sharpei puppy training

During his puppy stage, we must practice socialization, a stage in which we must show our sharpei bearcoat different kinds of people, animals and objects. The purpose of this stage is to enrich the knowledge of the dog’s environment to foster a sociable, affectionate, and respectful attitude. Preventing fears or aggressiveness in the future.

On the other hand, their intelligence will help us a lot in their training stage. We must be able to teach him basic training orders such as sit, lie down, stay still, come … They are essential elements for his safety, for him to obey us and also help us create a powerful emotional bond with the dog.

You should never use physical punishment with sharpei bearcoat , you will base all its education on positive reinforcement, always. Once you have learned the basics, you can teach our shar-pei more fun or complicated tricks, you can even think about starting him in agility.

Devoting time, patience, and love to the education and training of the Sharpei Bear coat dog will be fundamental and very important. In the same way, we will maintain regularity in your routine and day to day that allows you to feel confident and build a relationship with the Sharpei Bear coat.

shar pei for sall
Sharpei Bear coat

Sharpei Bear Coat Care

To start we must emphasize Sharpei Bear coat needs a rich and quality diet, preferably based on fish and rice. This is because the Sharpei Bearcoat has a very sensitive stomach and is conducive to allergies .so the best Feed based on fish and rice provides greater digestibility.

On the other hand, we must know that it is not at all good to bathe your Sharpei Bear coat excessively: at most we will provide baths every month and a half or maybe tow months. That’s because soap and water remove the layer of body fat of the Sharpei Bear coat, which isolates and protects him.
Paying attention to thoroughly drying the dog after bathing or after a walk in the rain will be very important to prevent fungus growth. We will pay attention to the hidden space between wrinkles, where fungi usually affect more.

Although the Sharpei Bear coat greatly appreciates the heat provided by the sun, we must take precautions to avoid the heat. In the same way, his coat will be convenient to protect him adequately from the cold by.


Sharpei Bear coat need a considerable amount of outdoor exercise. They should be taken for long walks or allowed to play active games on a daily basis. Chinese Shar-Peis do not like the heat, and should not be over-exercised in hot weather.

Mating and pregnancy of Shar-Pei dog

Shar-Pei Mating and Reproduction

Although Sharpei Bear coat has a unique appearance, its reproductive performance is basically similar to other dog breeds.
The sexual maturity of females Shar-Pei depends on the criteria for genital swelling and blood discharge from birth to the first time. Shar-pei female sexual maturity from seven months to a year The period of male sexual maturity Shar-Pei depends on the mating standard from birth until the first crawl, and the sexual maturity period for male sharpei bear coat is seven months to nine months. In general, Sharpei Bear coat can reach sexual maturity at about 7 months of age, can be raised and raised at about 9 months of age, and its reproductive capacity can be maintained for nearly 12 years

Shar-Pei pregnancy period

The interval between rut I and II rut (rest period) from female sharpei bearcoat dogs ranged from 178 days to 298 days, with an average of 230.7days. The gestation period is 55 to 65 days, with an average of 60.9 days.
The rest period is longer than the reported experimental dogs (208d), and the reason for further study is, but compared to other multi-fetal animals such as pigs, the number of breeds is lower, and it is not conducive to breeding on a large scale.

shar pei puppy
shar pei puppy

Shar-Pei Common Diseases

The Sharpei Bear coat dog has a very peculiar coat known as a horse coat ( horse skin) since it is short and is very close to the body. It also has a thicker layer of fat, unlike other breeds. These Layers added to the grooves caused by the folds make this breed Vulnerable of fungi and other problems related to the skin of the Shar-pei.

The dryness, dermatitis, or entorpión (skin that forms on the lower and upper lids of the animal) are other related diseases that may affect wrinkles.

Another well-known disease that this breed can suffer is a well-known shar-pei fever. Regularly reviewing the health status and going to the vet every 6 months will be a good measure to prevent such problems. It will also be essential to keep your vaccination schedule up to date as well as internal and external deworming

Best Dog Breeds for Children

While many dogs are traditionally thought of as being good with children, all dogs and children need to be taught to get on with and respect each other and be safe together. Even so, dogs and young children should never be left alone together and adults should supervise all interactions between them.

sharpei bearcoat
shar pei puppy

Sharpei Bear Coat Facts

  • The name Sharpei Bear coat means “sand-skin” but translated more as a “sand-paper-like coat.”  No other breed shares the short, rough coat of the Shar-Pei.
  • A Sharpei Bear coat is a poor choice for a novice dog owner.
  • A Shar-Pei housetrains earlier than most breeds because of his natural cleanliness and ease of training. 
  • The Shar-Pei enjoys and does well in obedience, agility, herding, and tracking. He would rather be with people than other dogs.
  • Those famous wrinkles need to be looked after carefully to prevent skin infections. They should be wiped out with a damp cloth and dried well to prevent infection.
  • Like other flat-faced breeds, the Shar-Pei can easily overheat.

Sharpei Bear Coat Price and Adoption

Purchasing vs Adopting a Shar-Pei

How Much Does a Shar-Pei Cost?

You can adopt a Shar-Pei at a much lower cost than buying one from a breeder. The cost to adopt a Shar Pei is around $300 in order to cover the expenses of caring for the dog before adoption. In contrast, buying Shar Peis from breeders can be prohibitively expensive. Depending on their breeding, they usually cost anywhere from $800-$2,000.

cute shar pei puppy

Where Can I Adopt a Shar Pei

The easiest way to adopt a Shar Pei would be through a rescue that specializes in Shar Peis. A great place to start would be by starting a breed search on The search will show you all the available Shar Pei in your area.

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