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What do you need for a hamster?

Raising hamsters is as easy as breeding birds, and is an attractive animal that gives their owners pleasure, happiness and fun when playing with them. And Many people think that hamsters are only mice, but they are considered to be rodents that are rabbit-like or mice in the middle.

today we will talk about how to raise a hamster in my house?

Many resort to breeding hamsters at home because of the ease of breeding and the ease of transporting from place to place and the absence of significant noise from the hamster, so it is an ideal pet for lovers of calm.

Hamsters were bred for the first time in America, and then spread the animal has become a pet that people used to breed in the houses frequently.

When you start raising hamster at home, you can buy them from any pet shop. Makes him pay for himself this way is biting.

If you want to raise this beautiful animal hamster you have to be patient and long mind, Valhamster needs some time to gain confidence in you and begin to deal with you friendly and kind.

In order to attract the hamster to him and gradually gain his confidence, the hamster must be patient until the hamster accepts to carry it by hand and there are many actions and behaviors that must be done by the breeder to gain the confidence of the hamster.

 Steps for raising a hamster 

1/Always keep your hamster close to you

When raise a hamster at home, always sit next to your hamster’s cage, speaking with a gentle voice from time to time.
Hamsters are pets that have a strong sense of smell, which makes them able to identify the owner of the smell and voice and over time get used to the hamster owner and make him carry.

2/Keep your hands as close to the hamster as possible

Always try to keep your hands close to the hamster.When you talk to him, put your hands close to him inside the cage.You will notice his fear at first but he will get used to it when he tries to touch it and explore the smell.
Animals in a working form take the smell as a means of acquaintance, so after some time the hamster will consider your smell from the familiar smells and then you will realize that it is not scary at all.
Jiwan hamsters are very curious and loves to explore, so with time and habituation they will love exploring things and that is what makes them try to approach your hands despite their fear.

3/You must play and have fun with hamsters at times :

Once your hamster gets used to your hands, you can take another step: delivering food to your hamster directly with your hands.This will help you gain confidence quickly, especially if the food is of the type your hamster prefers.

4/Try carrying the hamster with your own hands

When the hamster is used to eating with your hands, you can start to carry it with both hands.If you notice that he is afraid and hesitant ,  you can give him some foods that you like.He should be carried with great caution and at a level close to the ground so as not to fall too high and hurt.

5/Consider washing your hands after eating

Be careful to wash your hands thoroughly after eating and before carrying a hamster so that the hamster does not think that your hands are food because of his strong sense of smell, which makes him do some good faith. As well as to avoid the transfer of any disease to him.

6/Hamster food

Hamsters are biting animals that lend all foods and love to eat fresh vegetables  .You should stay away from feeding hamsters from the weeds found in public gardens where most of them are poisonous to infect hamsters . As well as stay away from mint and parsley as food for hamsters Plants that cause his death directly.

7/ Best place for hamster at home

Breeding hamsters at home needs some equipment . so The most important one is to take care to provide a crate in a quiet and sunny place for your animal.
Hamsters are known to be nocturnal animals that like to stay calm and away from the sun permanently , so be sure to choose a suitable place for hamsters with low light away from the sunlight and high heat .  Especially in the summer.

and that is  the most things u need to know before thinking  to Raising hamsters at home

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