Raising a Pet at Home What do you need?

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Breeding a pet is not just a hobby, some open the doors of his home to animals either to teach children compassionate animal or to be Domesticated to them at home. But do you know what it really means to take a pet at home and the real value of it, and how do you choose the right pet type for your working and family nature? Your personality and lifestyle determine which pets are right for you.

Some tips for taking care of a pet at home

1/Commitment towards your new friend

The first requirement for raising a pet is to be confident that you can live up to your duties. You may find it a hobby but find it all over the world, so make sure you have someone else you can count on to do your homework, and also make sure you have the financial commitment to spend. His needs for food, treatment, and entertainment, which are important to him, as well as your lifestyle, must be compatible with the breeding of this particular type of animals. Raising a pet at home is like having an old child who needs care and cannot express his needs.

2/Don’t make him a heavy guest on those around

The second condition that must be met is the consent of the household to the existence of this animal, and make sure that no one of the members of the house is allergic to the animal, and this is because you will not lock the animal in a separate room, but it will deal with all members of the house, so everyone should be Compatible with the new visitor. Also try not to buy it from traders because they often expose animals to harsh living conditions, and look first at animal shelters in your country.

Pet lovers usually tend to have particular animals such as dogs, cats, fish, turtles, and birds, and here we will list some of the most important facts and information that the owners of these animals should know.

some things you should know about pets

1/Breeding cats are perfect for everyone

Cats are ideal animals for different lifestyles, especially for those who work long hours by day. But this also does not negate that they also need attention and care, such as putting food and cleaning the sandbox of its waste, while making sure to follow-up periodically for their own vaccinations.

There is a widespread belief that cats pose a risk to pregnant women and fetuses in their wombs, causing toxoplasmosis, but in fact, just raising cats does not infect their owner. It is transmitted to humans only in direct contact with the cat’s litter, and the disease can be infected by non-cat breeders. The disease is mainly transmitted to animals or humans by eating unclean food.

Raising a pet at home
Cats are lazy but they need to take care

2/Dog breeding is suitable for families

Dogs are creatures full of vitality, energy, and love towards their owners. They must train daily and get out of the house at least three times a week. They are depressed if left by their owners or their own, so they are ideal for families, especially those with children, and for people who work from home.
It should be noted that dogs should be trained to urinate in specific places and follow periodic vaccinations, and must be bathed.It does not clean itself by itself unlike cats, and most importantly, they must live inside the house with their owners, and not be left to the vagaries of the balconies and rooftops as many do.

Breeding a pet
Dogs love their friends and become depressed in their absence

3/Fish suitable for small houses

The advantage of fish is that they can be reared in various household spaces, especially if the members of the house do not have enough time to spend with a pet, or are allergic to other types of pets.
Although raising fish does not require much effort to take care of it daily, it certainly needs some care, such as providing food permanently, and making sure that the water is suitable for fish and cleaned permanently.
Modern pet supplies stores now have food and water cleaning equipment, and if they are provided at home, fish can be absent for some time.
Attention should also be given to taking into account fish species when collected in the aquarium itself, as there are species that cannot exist in one place

fish house
Do not put all kinds of fish in one aquarium

4/Special specifications for birdcage (i don’t like to keep the bird in a cage )

Like fish, birds are raised from those who do not have enough space in the house, but when settling on the decision to have a bird as a pet at home, the type of bird should be chosen according to its size and personality to suit the members of the house.
Some people misjudge the abilities of birds. Besides having amazing colors that delight the viewers, birds are smart creatures to play with, and sometimes they like to dance to the tunes of their favorite music.
Breeding birds require special care and different from other creatures, besides maintaining a balanced diet, and always provide clean water, with periodic cleaning of the cage; Free space as much as possible in the house so that the bird can fly whenever possible

birds in house
Choose the right bird cage for its size

For me, I don’t want to see any bird in a cage, but I hope anyone with a bird in a cage will leave it Birds like to be free to fly anywhere and not surrounded by iron bars

5/Turtles need a special environment

Some prefer to buy a wild turtle as their child’s pet, relying on that it does not require much effort to care for and is inexpensive.It also lives very long compared to other animals, but there are some things to keep in mind when taking care of and raising a turtle at home.
There are many wrong things that wild turtle breeders do, such as leaving them in the entire space of the house for movement or letting children knock on their shell, feeding them only lettuce and watercress, but it is better to put the turtle in a house-made specifically for her, in order to control the temperature They should be fed different types of food and maintain calcium in their diet so that they do not become weak in the bones and chance.

turtel as pet

in the end, if you did take a pet at home don’t just be careless they need to take care of them and treat them good they deserve that.

Source: Al Jazeera

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