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Methods of poultry farming

Chicken Farm

Feed the chickens

– A balanced diet for poultry is one of the basic principles of raising poultry, as it is possible to rely on household food residues such as vegetables, fruits and bread, in addition to being able to feed on fortified feeds with vitamins, minerals and proteins, in addition to the need to contain poultry food granules that help digestion Shellfish shells that help produce eggs, and food consumption usually increases during winter compared to summer, as they burn more calories during winter.


The poultry house is equipped with the following points:
*-Choose a suitable place that is dry, warm and well-ventilated.
*-Consider having adequate space to allow chickens to practice their routine behaviors such as wings, etc.
*-The floor must covered with sawdust or similar dry materials; this helps to dig for food, and is   important when the weather is wet outside.
*- Provide the house with nests necessary for laying hens, so that they are closed and quiet, lined with straw or similar dry and comfortable nesting materials.
*-Take into account that the entrance of the house is made so that the height is appropriate and do not have to poultry to bend in and out through it, in addition to trying to allocate more than one; to prevent congestion.

 daily tasks

Poultry farming requires some daily tasks from the individual, including:
*- Check the existing water strips for cleanliness and disinfection, and use water and soap and one of the types of disinfectants suitable for this process;
*-Choosing the right way to feed the chickens, you can allocate a certain amount of food to them on a daily basis, or choose to use a special feed tool that is suspended and provide the chicken with food as needed.
*-Collect eggs every day to ensure they are clean and reduce the risk of cracking.
*-Allocate time to monitor poultry and monitor its health through attention to the smoothness of the feathers and the brightness of the eyes, the state of activity and preparedness

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