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The Old German Shepherd Dog

The Old German Shepherd Dog is a breed that never participated in the rigid breeding program that led to the development of the more common modern-day German Shepherd. The Old German Shepherd Dog is one of the largest German shepherd dogs it has existed on German farms for many hundreds of years where it has diligently worked alongside farmers and their flocks.

There is a great deal of confusion around the breed of the Old German Shepherd Dogs are not just elderly GSDs! — and there is more to them than just a long coat too. We’re here to clear up some of the confusion and demystify this rare and beautiful breed!

Do old German shepherds still exist?

Strictly speaking, the “Old German Shepherd Dog breed” does not exist – at least not as an independent breed recognized by the FCI. In general, the term refers to long haired german shepherd dog. Regardless of these circumstances, the pretty German Shepherd variant with the bushy hair and the loyal, friendly nature is extremely popular and in great demand as a family and companion dog. it’s one of the Most Loyal Dogs in the world.

While many of the breeds bear a close resemblance to long-haired German Shepherds, there is actually a large variation within the breed when it comes to physical appearance. Bred for their working ability alone, the Old German Shepherd’s intellect, stamina, and obedience have always been the foundation on which they were bred.

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What is an old world German Shepherd?

The Old German Shepherd Dog is a classification of the German Shepherd breed in its own right and is certainly not to be confused with an elderly German Shepherd! The likelihood that you have encountered an authentic Old German Shepherd Dog is low. This breed of dog is incredibly rare nowadays, with some sources stating that they are in extinct a long time ago

Old German Shepherds are described as loyal, alert, and nerves of steel. Their character corresponds to a large extent to that of a German shepherd dog. With their reliability and resilience, they are also suitable as watchdogs, guard dogs, service dogs, and herding dogs. However, the Old German Shepherds are considered to be friendlier and more balanced. They have a higher threshold of irritation and are not easily upset. This makes them popular as companions and family dogs.

Old German Shepherd and the New German Shepherd?

Why is the Old German Shepherd breed distinguished from the German Shepherd when it is actually only the long-haired variant of the German Shepherd? In order to understand this question, it is worth taking a look at the origins of the German Shepherd, whose ancestors already lived in Germany in the 7th century. The main task of these reliable and resilient dogs, which were long-haired, was originally to look after flocks of sheep. Due to their self-confident and alert nature, the intelligent old german shepherd makes to themselves a name as the best guard to the sheep and flocks and best friend to the families.

What is the origin of the Old German Shepherd?

The versatility of the old fashioned german shepherd and their excellent suitability as a service dog also inspired the Prussian riding master Max von Stephanitz, who is now considered the founder of the GSD. In 1871 Stephanitz started breeding working dogs. His primary goal was to breed an indispensable service dog for the military, which should be characterized by courage, loyalty, obedience, perseverance, and robustness, The “Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde eV” (SV), which was founded in 1899 and is still responsible for the breed standard of the German Shepherd Dog, initially accepted all colors and hair variants, from rough-haired to straight and long-haired to long-haired Type.

old german shepherd dog

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German Shepherd Poodle Mix

No breeding license for long haired

After the white and shaggy shepherd dogs, the long haired german shepherd dog was also excluded from further breeding in 1930. Von Stephanitz saw the fitness for use and weather resistance of his breed by the long fur and henceforth went for the short-haired, “like wolf” shepherd type.
Long-haired puppies always appeared in the litter of all known and leading lines if a parent animal had the gene responsible for it, but according to the SV, they should not be used as breeding animals. The decision to classify the long stick hair as a “breeding exclusion error” met with great criticism from many lovers and breeders. so They organized their own clubs,

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Breeding under the term “Old German Shepherd Dog”

In parallel to the SV, intensive breeding of the so-called ” Old German Shepherd Dogs developed”, for which a separate standard was set up, which – apart from the fur length – showed hardly any differences from the German Shepherd Dogs.
Old German herding dogs, such as the “Harzer Fuchs” or the “Gelbbacke” have also been grouped under the new breed name Old German Shepherd Dog. However, this standard was not recognized by the SV and the international FCI. The turning point did not come until 2010, when the Association for German Shepherd Dogs, with the approval of the FCI, re-approved the long-stick hair as a variant. Since then, the long-haired German Shepherd has been bred again within the SV under the standard of the GSD. Despite the new entry, some breeders outside the SV still stick to the term of the old German shepherd dog breed today.

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Description and Physical of Old German Shepherd Dog

Visually, the old fashioned german shepherd dog is very similar to the classic GSD Dog. He shares with him the typically upright standing ears, the elongated, narrow snout, the attentive and watchful look, and the bushy, hanging tail. The different color shades of black-brown, black or gray (wolf) are also identical, as are the medium to a large height at the withers between 24 to 30 inches for males and 20 to 26 inches for females. Obviously, the old fashioned german shepherd dog only differs from the normal German Shepherd by its much longer hair.
The soft and not tight-fitting hair on the legs, ears, and tail is particularly bushy, where it forms long Signs. Also characteristic is the thick hair on the neck, the so-called “mane”.

Due to the long topcoat and the dense, very soft undercoat, they generally look a bit stronger than its close relative of the classic German Shepherd. The actual weight is comparable to 28 to 32 kg for females and 33 to 40 kg for males.

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Old German Shepherd dog Characteristics

Faithful, nervous, and alert: The nature of the old shepherd dog largely corresponds to that of the German Shepherd dog. Its reliability, safe instincts and high resilience make it just as suitable for use as a guard, guard and service dog as its famous brother. At the same time, he has a friendly and balanced character, which makes him extremely popular as a companion and family dog.

The old german sheepdog shows its best side to children in particular. His good-natured manner and his alert nature make him a loving playmate and reliable protector. Compared to the German Shepherd Dog, the Old German Shepherd Dogs are generally considered to be somewhat calmer with an even higher stimulus threshold.

Balanced character and spirited athlete

Nevertheless, shepherds have pronounced instinctive behaviour. Even if they are only slightly irritable and only intervene if the situation actually requires it, small children should not be left alone with them unsupervised – which incidentally applies to almost all larger dogs. In order for its good-natured, balanced character and its reliable and attentive nature to develop fully, this dog needs early socialization, consistent training as well as sufficient exercise and employment. If you are interested in the Old German Shepherd Dog as a family dog, you should bring along experience and know-how in the field of dog training, as well as a lot of fun in the movement, because the dogs are enthusiastic athletes. Joint hikes, bike tours and regular participation in dog sports are ideal for the four-legged athlete and his family.

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Difference between Old German Shepherd and a German Shepherd Long Stick Hair?

To answer this question, let’s take a brief look back into the past of the German Shepherd:

At that time shepherds were created by the Association for German Shepherd Dogs (SV). Here were my own ideas of how a German Shepherd should look. Of course, there were also long hair and long stick hair puppies in addition to the stick hair variants. In 1991 the SV decided that the long-haired type should no longer be allowed to breed.

Lovers, therefore, founded their own breeding club in order to maintain the long-haired or long-haired type through their own breeding. “Old German Shepherd Dog breed” was used as the name.
The long-haired type has been approved again in the SV since 2010 and is referred to as the German Shepherd Long or Long Stick Hair.
long haired german shepherd and German shepherd can also have short-haired parents.
In return, an old fashioned german shepherd dog has several generations of long-haired ancestors.
Another big difference to the German Shepherd Dog is that the breeders of the Old German Shepherd Dogs never tried to “pull away” the dogs’ straight back. Efforts were even made to improve the health and physique of the old Germans by crossing the straight east line (former GDR).

In addition to the long fur and slightly different body type, the old style german shepherd also differs in essence from its stick-haired relatives. Old Germans dog is generally calmer and not as spirited as the SV dogs. Nevertheless, they like to work and willingly, but outside the dog place they are frugal and patient companions and family dogs.

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Breeding GSD Puppy

As with the stick-haired German Shepherd, two lines have developed in the breeding of the old fashioned german shepherd dog: the show line (Hochzucht) and the performance line. They differ not only in terms of their appearance but also in terms of their nature. Dogs from the high or beauty breed (show line) usually have a comparatively massive body with a sloping back (“hatchback”). They are also considered to be calm, balanced, and easy to handle – if you are looking for an adaptable family dog, you are best advised with a dog from this line. If you plan to use your dogs as service and protective dogs, you should rather look at a puppy draw from performance breeding. The dogs, which are usually somewhat lighter, have a pronounced guard, protection, and herding behaviour, are very resilient, extremely self-confident, and willing to work. They only belong in the hands of experienced dog handlers who socialize them with a lot of expertise and experience and train them according to their location, for example with the police, customs, or military.

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Purchase of an old German shepherd dog breed

The impressive appearance, coupled with the awe-inspiring reputation of the German Shepherd, makes the friendly and docile Old German Shepherd dog breed extremely popular with many dog ​​lovers. Anyone who is interested in such a companion and family dog ​​should be aware, however, that Old German Shepherd Dogs breed are utility dogs from their origin. Even if you buy a puppy from a so-called beauty breed, it will still bring a lot of activity and willingness to learn. A “real” Old German Shepherd breed will not be satisfied with short walks around the block. Only when you are aware of this and can ensure that you and your family meet the keeping requirements should you start looking for a suitable breeder.

Which breedr is right for me?

Since most breeders specialize in either performance or beauty breeding and accordingly promote different characteristics in your breeding animals, you should first be clear about the purpose for which you want to buy the German Shepherd dog. In advance, inquire exactly whether the breeder is breeding or pure breeding and choose the breeding place that best suits your ideas and requirements. Anyone who attaches great importance to FCI certified attestations should also be aware that the Old German Shepherd Dog is not recognized by the FCI as a separate breed. In this case, you should look for breeders who are affiliated with the SV or FCI and sell their dogs as “long haired german shepherd dog“.

If you are looking for an old German Shepherd dog breed, you will usually come across breeders who breed independently of the breed association for German Shepherd and the FCI. Pay close attention to the seriousness of the breeder. A pedigree certifying the puppy to be descended from healthy long-haired or Altdeutsche Schäferhund parents and a certificate of recommended health tests and vaccinations should be provided.

German Shepherd Dog Price

If you are interested in an old-style german shepherd, be sure to check out all of the recommended tests from the breeder carried out and “passed”. The prerequisite for this is that you buy your puppy from a reputable breeder who invests a lot of time and money in the health of his dogs and willingly gives you information. It goes without saying that an all-around healthy and controlled puppy is not available at a bargain price. A purebred German Shepherd Dog is still quite low compared to other dog breeds with a German Shepherd puppy price of around $600 (german shepherd 8 weeks).

the price of German Shepherd dog per month

1 month old german shepherd (8 week old german shepherd) price : ( 1000 $-1200$ )
2 month old german shepherd price : ( 800 $-1000$ )
3 month old german shepherd price: ( 800 $-1000$ )
4 month old german shepherd price: ( 700 $-1000$ )
5 month old german shepherd price: ( 500 $-600$ )
6 month old german shepherd price: ( 500 $-600$ )
7 month old german shepherd price: ( 400 $-500$ )
8 month old german shepherd price: ( 400 $-550$ )
9 month old german shepherd price: ( 400 $-500$ )
1 year old german shepherd price: ( 400 $-500$ )

Short haired German Shepherd breed price : ( 800 $-1000$ )
long haired german shepherd price ( 400 $-500$ )

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How to recognize a reputable breeder of old shepherd dog

In addition to the “formalities” mentioned above, the personal relationship with the breeder should also be close. A good breeder should not only be a seller, but also an expert and contact knowledgeable person in all questions regarding husbandry, upbringing, nutrition, and care. To ensure that you have found the right breeder, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • The breeder is a member of a dog club and network with other old german sheepdog and German Shepherd breeders. He has a wide knowledge and a lot of experience with the breed.
  • The breeding animals were thoroughly examined before they were used (especially for joint problems). The puppies have a pedigree and a pedigree.
  • Puppies are only given between the 8th and 10th week of life. The breeder had the first health examinations and necessary initial vaccinations carried out before delivery.
  • The breeder will ask you about your circumstances in order to find out whether you are the owner of an old fashioned german shepherd dog. You should better refrain from breeders who want to get rid of their puppies as soon as possible and who are not interested in their further well-being.
  • The breeder demands a reasonable price for gsd puppy (currently this is between 800 and 1,000 euros).
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Old German Shepherd Dog vs German Shepherd

The Old German Shepherd has never been bred to look a certain way, and so there is no true breed standard in existence. A medium to large sized athletically-built breed, dogs will measure between 26 and 32 inches, while weighing anything between 22 and 40kg. Their coat colour can be black, brown, tan or grey, and often consists of more than one colour. The length and type of the coat varies between individuals, though tends to be long.

The German Shepherd has a double coat, which is comprised of a thick undercoat and a dense, slightly wavy, or straight outer coat. Its hair, usually tan and black, or red and black in color, is medium in length and is shed all year round. Other rarer color variations include all-Black, all-White, liver, and blue.

The German Shepherd’s body is long — generally between 22 and 26 inches — in proportion to its height. This gives the dog strength, agility, elasticity, and long, elegant strides.

Old German Shepherd Dog Diet

How do I feed my German Shepherd healthy?

Old German shepherds dog breed, like German shepherds, tend to have joint problems. These are usually hereditary and are also exacerbated by excessive stress and poor nutrition in the growth phase. Avoid eating too high in energy and fat in the first few months. As a rule, your breeder will give you an exact feeding recommendation that you should stick to. We recommend special puppy food that is optimally tailored to the needs of your young old shepherd dog. You should also keep these needs in mind when feeding your adult dog. Healthy food, therefore, takes into account the size, weight, age, state of health, and level of activity of the respective dog.

Regardless of whether you prepare your pet’s food yourself (for example “BARFen” ) or use conventional dry or wet food, you should make sure that the feed contains as much as possible of high-quality meat (approx. 70 percent) and supplemented with vegetables, fruit, rice or pasta and enriched with valuable fats. A high proportion of grain, however, should be avoided due to the increased risk of allergies.

Old German Shepherd Dog Extinct

The Old German Shepherd Dog is a rare gem, and if you manage to find one, count yourself extremely lucky. These dogs have all the traits that you know and love from a modern GSD, with a slightly more easy-going temperament and a longer, luxurious coat. Another important difference is the need for exercise. German Shepherds are active and energetic as it is, and Old German Shepherd Dogs are all the more so. These dogs have been bred and developed for hundreds of years for performance, not appearance, so they need a ton of regular exercise to keep them happy.
many breeders thought the old german shepherd dog has been extinct a long time ago and what we see now is just a classic breed with long hair.

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How Many Types of Shepherd Dogs are there?

These are the five main types of German Shepherds:

  • American Show Line German Shepherds.
  • West Show Line German Shepherds.
  • West Working Line German Shepherds.
  • East Working Line DDR German Shepherds.
  • Czech Working Line German Shepherds.

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Old German Shepherd Dog Facts

Here are some facts about the old german shepherd dog

What is the lifespan of a German Shepherd?

Most old German Shepherds lived between ten and 15 years. Owners of small breeds of dogs might see their animals live up to seventeen or twenty, but larger dogs put more strain on their bodies and simply do not live as long, no matter how well they are taken care of. A dog that is neglected or does not get proper exercise will actually die much earlier than age eleven.

Can a German Shepherd live 20 years?

While some websites claim that old German Shepherds have an average lifespan of 10 to 14 years, the American Kennel Club (AKC), which registers the breed in the United States, lists their lifespan as only 7 to 10 years.

Are Old German Shepherds smart?

Known for being one of the smartest dogs on the planet, Old German Shepherds are typically a breeze to train, but it does take consistency and dedication on your side. You should begin training as early as possible, as the first year or so of your puppy’s life is critical for preventing them from developing bad habits, and you should focus on teaching them good ones early.

How big was the original German Shepherd?

The Old German Shepherd belongs to the large dog breeds. The height at the withers of the males is 25 to 35 inches, the height of the females is 20 to 26 inches. Males weigh about 77 to 100 lbs. Bitches weigh 55 to 88 lbs.

German Shepherd Wolf Mix

German Shepherd Wolf Mix is a cross of German Shepherd and a Wolf, also known as Wolf-Shepherd or Wolf-dog. The first hybrid of a Wolf and German Shepherd was performed by Leendert Saarloos in 1932, some studies prove that they existed in Teotihuacan many years ago. Wolf dog’s lifespan is 12 to 14 years.

This might seem like a dream dog combo come true, but what is the story behind this legendary Wolfdog? Here’s everything you need to know.


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