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5 Most Expensive Fish In The World

5 most expensive fish in the world

A fish is usually valued based on how rare, beautiful, and unique it is. The more availability of fish, the cheaper the price.

Although the fish sold are fish that will be used in the food industry, there are apparently freshwater fish that have been sold at exorbitant prices. Want to know what fish are they?

Here are the 5 most expensive types of fish in the world that have ever been sold:

1/Platinum Arowana

Platinum arowana is the most expensive fish in the world ever sold. This fish is priced at a price of USD 400 thousand or Rp 5.6 billion (Exchange rate of USD 1 = Rp. 14,115). What makes this fish expensive because of its beautiful color and the difficulty of developing it in captivity.

The silver or platinum color found in these fish is the result of a slow genetic mutation, and apparently not all Arowana has an exorbitant price.

This expensive fish requires a minimum of 20 gallons of water tank because this fish can grow to a length of 3 feet. In addition, this fish should only be kept by experienced and professional aquarists.

This fish is included in the type of carnivore and eat the flesh of small fish, snails and insects. Not only that, it turns out that in Asia this fish is believed to be able to neutralize negative influences, improve health, luck and prosperity.silver fish

2/Polka dot Stingrays

The most expensive freshwater stingray ever sold reached USD 100 thousand or Rp 1.41 billion. This fish is so expensive because its U-shaped head is not like other round stingrays.

This fish can grow to a diameter of more than 18 inches. For that, at least these fish need a aquarium that is so large. This fish is so rare because this stingray cannot survive in the wild because it is difficult to get food.

This fish is a very active fish with a high metabolic rate so they need to be fed twice a day.Polka fish

3/Peppermint Agelfish

This fish is famous for its rarity and beauty. This fish is priced at USD 30 thousand or Rp 423 million at the Wakiki aquarium, Honolulu. This fish looks like sweet candy.

This fish can only grow about 2.5 inches. This may be the most expensive reef fish.Agelfish

4/Masked Angelfish

Freshwater fish sold at a price of USD 20 thousand or Rp. 282.3 million is so abundant in the Northeastern Hawaiian Islands because the collection of aquarium fish is strictly prohibited in this area.

This fish was first discovered in 1972, and can grow about 8 inches. Unlike most other fish, this fish does not have bright colors and patterns. Maybe it’s the simplicity that makes this fish so expensive.Masked fish


Fish with a length of only 1.5 inches are sold at a price of USD 10 thousand or IDR 141.5 million. This fish becomes very expensive because of its color and the difficulty of gathering this fish in the wild.

This fish has a white body with a red mark, and a unique white fin that looks like a knife. This fish is found in the Caribbean at depths of more than 500 feet.Blade fin Basslet

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