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the monkeys life


It is animals classified as mammals and the rank of primates in which there is also human, and is very intelligent animals, where it is enough to look at the eyes of the monkeys to sense their intelligence and self-awareness. In the world of monkeys, there is a great diversity between species and areas of spread; scientists have classified monkey species to 260 species.
They are divided into two main parts: the ancient world monkeys in Asia and Africa, and the modern world monkeys in North and Latin America. The main difference is that the new world monkeys have long tails that can be used.

Biologists and zoologists have discovered more than 200 species of monkeys around the world. The majority of these species live in tropical forests in the Americas, Asia, and Africa. Monkeys prefer to be on trees and move between their branches to protect themselves from predators found in abundance. These forests,
  Also spend the night sleeping on the branches of these trees, the monkeys in the savannah and move on the ground, and spend the night hours on the high cliffs to avoid predators attacks.

 mother and baby monkey

Physical Traits of Monkeys

They live in groups, hate isolation, and always stay together within one place, led by a strong leader who manages his herd and protects him from attacks by surprise enemies. The size of the monkeys varies depending on the type of breed, the smallest type of monkeys called Marmous, a monkey thick hair, sharp-eyed, predominantly gray and white, the length of the tail only about fifteen centimeters,
The largest species of monkeys is a gorilla, which exceeds two meters in length and weighs about two hundred and seventy-five kilograms.

The monkey is one of the closest living things to human qualities, the world has put Darwin in his famous theory of evolution and evolution that the origin of man is a monkey, and with time has developed and adapted to the nature in which he lives, until he got to where it is now, and here we do not discuss the sincerity of Darwin’s theory But we really know that the monkey is one of the smartest animals that can understand and imitate, and it shares many of the genetic and genetic traits with humans, especially the composition of genetic genes DNA,
 In addition to the involvement of some infectious diseases, and diseases caused by pathogens, such as schistosomiasis.

monkeys in the trees

Where Monkeys spread?

Monkeys often live in tropical forests, tall bushes, and fertile pastures, which are a good breeding ground for monkeys in terms of food and habitat, while other species prefer rocky places and areas. Open. Monkeys in the world are distributed according to the type of breed they belong to, and rarely find two breeds of monkeys endemic in the same place, as a kind of control of the existing breed, for example in South America we find monkeys, the monkeys, and spider, but in Southeast Asia, there are small Gabon monkeys abound As for the Arab world, the baboon is spreading, especially in the Gulf region and Egypt.

What the Monkeys eat “Diet”

Monkeys are animals that eat plants There are also some species that eat meat, which eat nuts, fruits, seeds, flowers, and some species of monkeys eat bird eggs, small lizards, insects, spiders, in addition to the monkey tribe are social animals and cooperating with each other, so take care of smaller monkeys Age, and play with her,
The strongest member is the leader of the tribe and mates with several females.

Pregnancy And Mating In Monkeys

 There are many strange behaviors in monkey communities, especially when mating. Often, a three-year-old male monkey has one wife, is the mother of his children, builds an independent home, and cares for children. For fear of being exposed and expelled, or beaten by the group, the married individual is not liked by members of his tribe.
Female monkeys carry their young at a stage ranging from four months in some breeds to eight months, where they give birth to one individual breastfeeding her breast for a whole year so that he can walk on foot and be able to defend himself enough.

baby monkey

The Name of Baby Monkey

An adult monkey generally marries one female, although she has recorded behaviors of several types of monkeys that mate more than one female for pleasure, and get rid of the daily pressures, but despite marrying more than one female trying to hide it, and not publicized for fear of members of her tribe Who punish her with expulsion from the tribe, beatings, and rebukes. The female monkey is about 140 days pregnant, and the gorilla female one hundred and seventy-nine days, after which she gives birth to a baby called ” infant ” which remains adjacent to his mother until the age of one year, and then lives in the group under the protection of his parents to become an adult monkey.

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