Keeping Lynx as a Pet Guide

lynx as a pet

Breeding Lynx as a pet

Lynx is an animal of unique beauty. But before you read this entire post and finally get disappointed, it is hard to have a domesticated lynx as a pet. At least not the true lynx, first because it is a medium-sized wild animal under which there is no legislation permitting its domestication, it is still impossible to find this animal that is mainly found in the Northern Hemisphere and closest to us only in the United States.
Don’t worry, there is still a chance to keep a lynx as a pet in the United States of America. But this takes a lot of work, attention, and caution.
What we can find is a hybrid of this animal with another type of cat that crossing these two species gives rise to the so-called domestic lynx but, as we have shown, it is not the pure domesticated lynx. But don’t worry, we’ll explain it to you in more detail.

lynx cat 
lynx cat for sale
lynx kitten

Can I Own Lynx as a Pet?

For example, consider that you find a baby lynx near you. When this animal is a baby, it will have almost the same behavior as a kitten. He will be playful and cute just like the house cat. Outside of the legal framework, there is a good chance that if you decide to adopt a lynx, you will regret it quite quickly, because there is a big difference between a tame animal and a domesticated animal.

More specifically, an animal will be considered tamed if it is only used to being around human beings. But to be domesticated it means that the animal will be able to live with you and that it will be able to roam freely in its immediate environment. Be aware that it takes a large number of generations for an animal to be considered domestic, and the lynx is not one of those breeds considered domesticated.
so the idea is: if you want own Lynx as a pet better get domesticated lynx.

The behavior of Lynx pet

it’s better to have baby lynx as a pet so you can make this big cat Domesticed because when he is still a baby, he will be much more submissive to you and you can have a good time playing with him. But when this kind of wild animal reaches adulthood, that soft malleability disappears altogether. You will then face an adult predator who will follow his hunting instinct at all costs. This kind of wild animal is unpredictable and without warning, it could decide to attack without warning.
am not saying that you cant own Lynx as a pet, but if you want to do that you should be careful and feed him and take care good of this big cat.

Take for example the domestic dog. We know very well that they originate from wolves, which can easily kill an elk weighing several hundred kilos. The fact that the dogs became domestic was caused by what is called pedomorphism. In short, your dog or your domestic cat will always be like a baby. It will never age in terms of its character because for many generations these animals will consider you as a member of their family. This is not the case with the “domestic lynx”.

lynx cat for sale
lynx as a pet
lynx as a pet

Are Lynx Dangerous Pets?

Interestingly enough, everyone is making a big fuss about the lynx being a dangerous animal when kept as a pet. Various reports have described it as a “frightening” warning that he “might eat pets” and be “aggressive if cornered”. But this can only happen if the lynx has lived for a while in the wild and after that it was transferred to be a pet. So far, no incidents have been recorded of the lynx attacking a person.

Appearance of lynx

If you want to own lynx as a pet you should know the Appearance of the because this big cat is so beautiful with those special ears.
the Lynx has a short tail, characteristic tufts of black hair on the tips of their ears, large, padded paws for walking on snow, and long whiskers on the face. Under their neck, they have a ruff that has black bars resembling a bow tie, although this is often not visible.

Body-color varies from medium brown to goldish to beige-white and is occasionally marked with dark brown spots, especially on the limbs. All species of lynx have white fur on their chests, bellies, and on the insides of their legs, fur which is an extension of the chest and belly fur. The lynx’s coloring, fur length and paw size vary according to the climate in their range. In the Southwestern United States, they are short-haired, dark in color and their paws are smaller and less padded. As climates get colder and more northerly, lynx have progressively thicker fur, lighter color, and their paws are larger and more padded to adapt to the snow. Their paws may be larger than a human hand or foot.

The smallest species are the bobcat and the Canada lynx, while the largest is the Eurasian lynx, with considerable variations within species. better chose a small species to own it as a pet.

The life expectancy of a lynx is around 15 years in the wild but can reach a good 30 years when you have lynx as a pet.

lynx as a pet
lynx as a pet

Lynx Cat

Domestic cat crossed with wild lynx and sold as a pet

The exotic feline is called a caracat. The first specimen arose “by accident”, between a caracal and a michino. But with the increase in demand, they are bred in captivity.
The first case of a caracat was accidental. It happened in 1998 when a domestic cat was crossed with a caracal, also called “African lynx”, at the Moscow zoo.

Domestic Lynx
lynx as a pet
Domestic Lynx

Now, however, they are bred in captivity to meet the market demand for exotic pets. In fact, according to the Spanish newspaper Abc, it is one of the most popular hybrids, especially in Russia and the United States. But there is a problem. It seems that it is very difficult to get a caracal to mate with a domestic cat. They generally prefer to eat it.

In fact, many common cats are killed by these wild cats in the process. However, those interested usually try several times until they succeed, to get a litter of a maximum of four young, among which premature death is the usual thing.

The caracal is a medium-sized feline that lives in the savannas and semi-desert areas. And although it is known as the “African lynx”, it is not evolutionarily related to this species. They are mostly nocturnal, solitary except in times of reproduction and their favorite game is birds.

Domestic Lynx
lynx as a pet
Domestic cat crossed with wild lynx
Domestic cat crossed with wild lynx

In fact, one of their most distinctive characteristics is how high they can jump (over 3 meters) to catch birds in mid-flight. The diet of the caracat and the caracal is similar: they eat from quail, chickens, and other animals to grass.

Carole Baskin, CEO of Cat Rescue, told the Gizmodo portal that these hybrid cats often need surgery and special diets because they cannot properly digest their food. Its most common complaint is inflammatory bowel disease.

Another problem usually appears at four or five generations, when his wild personality emerges, until it becomes a dominant trait. That leads many families to abandon them.

Domestic Lynx Breed

the domestic lynx is actually the result of a hybrid cross between the lynx rufus also known as the brown or red lynx and the felix silvestris catus. Its origin is recent, being dated from the eighties to the mid-nineties when a breeder in North Carolina decided to breed both species.

Even keeping the term lynx in its name, this animal, the result of this crossbreeding, became a totally domestic species and by the way, it becomes very attached to its tutor. Human figures are always mentioned as playful animals and very effective. But in return, they are considered a rare species.

Adopt a Domestic Lynx breed
The goal is to obtain a gentle and calm domestic lynx kitten with the qualities and the look of the wild lynx, a feline ho so aesthetic and bewitching.

Of course, we are not talking about a Lynx that can be found in the wild. We grant you a baby Lynx is so cute, but don’t forget that he will grow up and become very big and beefy! The Lynx is not a domestic animal, there are nevertheless breeds of cats that approach it. Like for example the Pixi Bob or the Highland Lynx.

Lynx Care

Now you are so sure to own a lynx as a pet. Well, you should know owning a lynx is not like having a normal cat or dog. as a start, you have to own a Domestic Lynx so it will be easy for you to take care of. but the lynx is a wild animal and a big cat; it needs a lot of care like big space and meat, besides all of this don’t keep it in a cage.

lynx as a pet
lynx babie

Lynx Diet

Its list of prey animals is very long and encompasses everything from small rodents and birds to deer and reindeer. Hares and white-tailed deer are the lynx’s preferred prey animals and in Lapland, the lynx also eats a lot of reindeer.that is when lynx being in wild
and about lynx pet, you can feed him meat with some kind of cat or dog food, ( try to not make this big cat hungry).

Lynx Training

we should tell Lynx is not like any other pet so it won’t be easy to control lynx at home, but all you can do is trying to train this cat when you bring him from the first day.

The method used to train a lynx as a pet is similar to that used with any other pet. Successful lynx trainers manually breed cats during their formation months, starting at just a few weeks old. Using toys as well as rewards, since after a year they will see good results in the behavior of the pet lynx in terms of obedience, as well as being calm like any pet at home.

Lynx price

so you decided to own Lynx as a pet, well let’s tell you something this beutiful cats are so expencive not just the price of lynx but how much it cost to take care.

how much Lynx cost?

to own lynx as a pet You should pay at least 2000 $ for lynx kitten, it change from the speices of Lynx and the age it can be more than 6000 $.

domestic lynx kitten
lynx kitten

The upkeep of the Lynx pet is expensive. You can expect to pay upwards of $20,000 for their “track,” vitamins, toys, permits, insurance, and vet bills. and let’s not forget the cage around the house so it won’t runway

How to buy a pet lynx

Before buying your cat, you should thoroughly research any information on the appropriate care for a lynx that you can find. Various courses by video or online are often available if you use a search engine to look for one. Pay particular attention to an animal diet, exercise, health, and interaction. You will need to learn how to act around the lynx as well as learn how to recognize its moods and emotions so as not to endanger yourself or others by antagonizing an agitated lynx.
This guide will explain all the steps and the things you must take into account to buy lynx as a pet.

lynx domestic cat
lynx domestic cat

Steps to buying your own lynx cat
Step 1
Ask your state government by phone or email if it is legal to have a lynx in your town. The keeping of large cats is strictly regulated and you will need to request several licenses to be able to keep a feline, such as a lynx, in a private residence. If owning a bobcat is legal in your city, get started with the paperwork as soon as you can, as processing licenses can take several months.

Step 2
Get the telephone number and address of a cattery where you can buy your lynx once you have obtained all the necessary licenses. Prepare to have to pay a lot of money for it. Exotic pets, like bobcats and other big cats, are very expensive.

Step 3
Prepare your car to remove the feline. Once you have the licenses and know where to buy it, get a lockable cage that is large enough for your bobcat to fit comfortably. Transport it in the cage very carefully to its new home.

Domestic Lynx
lynx pet

where i can find a lynx cat for sale

you can adopt lynx cat from many place all you have to do is to check the Shelter/Rescue near you .

The four species of lynx

  1. the Canada lynx (Lynx canadensis) ‘ which is the best breed of lynx to own as a pet
  2. Iberian lynx (Lynx pardinus)
  3. Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx)
  4. bobcat (Lynx rufus)

The Lynx and the other pets

Is he sociable, does he enjoy the company of other cats?

The Lynx is one of the most sociable cats I know. He enjoys the company of his fellows. On the other hand, it is strongly advised not to put two unsterilized males together.

lynx kitten pet
lynx as a pet

Is cohabitation with dogs possible?

Yes because this breed behaves very similar to that of the dog. The relationship between the two species is almost always fused as they enjoy spending time together playing. We have American Cocker Spaniels and a Golden Retriever male with whom we have been very affectionate since day one.

Would you advise a family with children to adopt a cat of this breed?

Yes, the lynx as a pet is one of the ideal breeds for a family with children. These cats were born to give and receive affection. They are very close to their masters. However, be careful with very agitated children, but as with all kinds of animals. These cats have excellent memories. They could be marked by exchanges that are a little too abrupt.

His character, his way of life

He’s a playful cat in his spare time. He really enjoys interactive games with his master. His big trick: bringing back the ball or the toy and that can take a very long time … But he will prefer to hug his master more often.

A rather affectionate or wild cat?

The lynx is an extremely affectionate cat. He seeks contact with his master as often as possible. He is able to spend his day by your side, on your shoulders, on your desk …

Can he stand loneliness?

Yes he supports it but it really depends on the character of your cat, the habits you have given him, but he is able to spend his day lying in front of the window or on his bed wisely awaiting your return. Expect to have a party when you arrive. Indeed, just like the dog, the Lynx will come and wait for you at your doorstep to offer you a reunion party.

lynx as a pet
lynx domestic cat

Can he live alone outdoors or is he a homebody?

He is more of a homebody type. His days are punctuated by long naps interspersed with walks in your house just to stretch your legs and play with a piece of paper or cardboard that crosses its path. If you want to take them out, they are quite capable of experiencing pleasure during their little escapades, but beware of theft, accidents …

The main thing is to have many moments with him and to offer him an environment rich in activities (toys, scratching post, cat tree…).

Does it support travel and environmental changes?

Like most cats, the Lynx does not particularly appreciate being a changed environment. But this is only a generality… Mine go on vacation every summer. They are very happy after a few days of vacation in a space that we have prepared for them in advance. Remember to take some everyday objects or accessories with you during your trip.

lynx domestic cat
lynx domestic cat

Its greatest qualities?

His exceptional affection for his master, his intelligence, his vivacity. He is a wild-looking cat with an incredibly affectionate demeanor.

Her downsides ?

The shape of his ears requires special care and attention. It is good to clean them once a week.

Who says polydactyly says more claws than normal… Buy good scratching posts or a suitable claw cutter!

Warning :
This article is general and is not based on breeding. Refer to specialists and discuss with them before purchasing a Lynx

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