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Best Way To Train A Dog

best way to house train a dog

Train dog to carry out orders must start when the dog is young from two to four months, so as to have sufficient capacity to absorb the lessons of training and execution of orders as well as the implementation of many things ,

such as how to eat and allowed places and play and so on and over time the dog will be able To understand the orders and laws of the home owner and not to attack people.train my dog

and that is some simple things to train dog to do first

First training: Train the Dog to Sit Up “”Sit-Stay””

This training is for dog training to sit steadily ,and without chains on his seat (so that all the weight of the body on the seat, his body and head in a vertical position on the ground and face forward and eyes look steady forward and up and that the dog on it .

after the call and does not change This situation now that his master called him com com.

The coach begins this lesson using the series and then after mastering the movement to call the dog and prove it on his seat without a series.

Dog training begins with the installation of the chain of training and suffocation and then walk the dog first in such a random direction until the dog becomes calm ,

and has to respond to what you will order him , and then suddenly the trainer stands and utter the training word for this Sit with the pronunciation of the name of the dog with this word (Joy Sit) ,

At the same moment The trainer presses the left hand on the back of the dog and sits on the ground with his seat , and then comfortably the right hand presses back on the chest of the dog to stabilize this situation.
When the dog takes this correct situation Taddah and tell him the tone of joy and pleasure Bravo ”joy”

Second training: train the dog to walk in the street next to the owner.

This training to teach the dog to walk in the street next to the owner only, but adjacent to him and do not stay away from him while walking in the street for whatever reasons,

after stethoscope training for this order, in order to ensure that the animal does not experience any accident while walking with you in the street and to return more compliance with any An order issued to him after that.

The dog must be accustomed to be the correct walking position to walk next to you and adjacent to the left foot and back slightly.

The trainer Catches The dog from the leather collar and then puts tightly in the side of the left leg and move it forward at the beginning utter the rude trainer “**”

this word is always preceded by the pronunciation of the name of the dog for example” Rex” Come with me and during the movement attract the dog well from the collar so that it is completely adjacent to the left foot during Walk

and walk for the first time for a distance of not less than five meters and then tell him stop  and then a minute after the coach again walk and sayr the word ” **”  at the same moment moves.

Repeat this training several times walk and then stop and so once the dog keeps it with the movement in the straight line Try the same training, but walk the dog in the form of a circle and if saved Repeat the training in a zigzag line and then try to walk the dog next to you without holding the collar At the same time,

when it is true, he has released the word joy and pleasure like “good dog”, and so on..

Then I walk the dog suddenly and then stop and called it Sit Sit immediately find him sitting on the seat and then utter the word Hell to start moving next to you and this last training is called Automatic “**”” Sit”**” If you are going to stop the dog and pronounced Sit first if the dog does not respond You stand but continue to walk and called him strongly and angrily “Sit Sit”

and do not stand until the dog complies and stands and then repeat the training until the dog keeps it without using the collar.

Third training :Training the Dog To Sleeps Steady On The Ground

Grab the dog with the left hand and then sit the dog first on the seat Sit and then pull the chain a little with the tendency towards the dog from the front with the lifting of your right palm as if you will strike and then utter the word Down or slept with a sharp voice and strong pull the chain down with the left hand , and at the same moment move the palm towards the head

The dog finds him bent forward and helped him pull the front legs with his left hand forward to sleep in this situation and then leave him like that and then after about two minutes called him “Come Come ” to you and then called him again and suddenly Down until accustomed to sleep alone

After the dog learns this situation well, we begin to teach him to sleep in the death mode by calling him the word Down-Stay or death and at the moment press the right shoulder of the dog with a strong push towards his right side with repeated it sharply death and louder in each appeal until it settles The dog has a very firm body on the ground, so that he is asleep on one side and his head is completely stable on the ground.

The dog remains in this position until you call it the word Come comes to you and after the full training Try to die on the other side and then try to turn the dog itself on the other side after the release of the word Change or overturn and so on, and then the instructor teaches him how to stay long on This situation is like he actually died.

Fourth Training: Train your dog to come to you when u call him

It is the most important obedience training in dogs because the dog will be trained to leave everything until the food and come to his master as soon as the call to the word Come or come when you stand standing in front of you.
This training, when carried out successfully by the dog deserves to be said to be highly trained in obedience and is very important training, especially when the dog is outside the house where the dog will be busy playing with children or other dogs or smells things that go next to them if the dog In the door, it would be easier to listen to this call.
The training begins with the series and then without them until the dog learns this important lesson well.

He will be rewarded and obedience will be the behavior that brings him rewards.
This important training begins first in the garden In the door and using the long chain so that the length of not less than two meters. The right hand with any movement of the call (the call and attraction of the chain and the signal should be in one moment)

at first the dog will fail but after repeated training the training will be performed successfully using longer strings each time until the chain length is about ten meters and each time when it reaches

The dog in front of you with this call pronounced Sit Stay To stand in front of you again.
Repeat this training several times until the dog keeps coming to you and standing in front of you without using the series at the beginning

when the call must be loud and sharp and after the dog mastered the lesson must be the voice of low and thin or even whisper and do not forget when any error in movement Launches the word No and when proficient launches the word Okay and dog well trained on this particular lesson is considered a high degree of obedience

Fifth Training:Exercise training “go to your place”

If the dog learns that once the appeal has to go to his place and carry out this training well, it will be very loved when the owner because he will leave anything until his food and go to his specific place and remain in motion and for an indefinite time until you issue him another appeal.
This is an excellent exercise that will allow you to keep the dog away from your guests or villa staff while doing anything that needs not to be harassed by dogs during work, such as preparing a trip, cutting the grass, or meeting you.

The dog’s trainer or owner starts to set aside a place for the dog to be a comfortable place for the dog and the focus of its owner.
If the dog is fierce, use a two-meter chain and then start launching the training word. Rex-go to your place. Tell him the word Sit in order to stand firm in this place and then call Stay, that is, fully installed in this place.

Then leave him in this situation and returned back two meters a second time . but this time do not lose sight of it does not move because it will be reassuring that you are next to him and then repeat this lesson several times until the dog saves that once the call to the word go your place will go immediately and stand firmly in a position to call him .

This time training is very difficult but the success of the dog in it means your comfort and do not disturb you and your guests and needs a great patience on the dog to master it.

 And finally

Always make the dog feel that it is this movement to make you happy

because the installation of the dog on this situation is psychologically severe and then repeated training chains longer until it reaches a chain length of six meters.
The next step is to train the dog to perform this training without a chain and then from another room to the room where this specific place ,and then from the garden to run and reach this specific place,  and then from the garden to run and get to his place as soon as he heard the call go to your place.

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