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Rabbits As House Pets

raising rabbits and taking care of them

most of people like rabbits and want to have them  well there is somethings u should knw about rabbits first  .

Rabbits It is considered one of the wild animals that have been domesticated and utilized by thousands of years ago, has been seen sculptures of rabbit on the walls of ancient Pharaonic. The rabbit is classified as a mammal and adapts to all environments in the world.

It is found on all continents of the world except Australia and Antarctica.

rabbit farm house

The rabbit is characterized by many qualities that make it desirable among humans, such as beautiful shape, good taste and usefulness of meat, and speed of breeding, and the quality of fur.
Rabbits have a wide variety of species, with some species reaching 60 species, all of which feed on plants.

The most common type is an average weight of 300 g, 27 cm long. Rabbits have many colors, including white, black, gray, and spotted.

Method of selection of rabbits

Must to choose a good breeds when buying.
The health of the rabbit, it is important to pay attention to the fact that he is not humorous and healthy.
*well  Attention to the eyes it has a shine and be free of tears and secretions.
*Attention to cleanliness and to be free of scabies.
*take sure to age preferably not more than three months uncle rabbit.
To be high vitality and fast movement

Conditions for rabbit sheds

Some conditions should be met in rabbits:
1 – to provide the necessary protection for rabbits from predatory enemies and allow them to breed.
2 – to be designed to facilitate the process of care in cleaning so that the breeder can take care of herd easily and in the least time possible.
3 – to be good lighting and ventilation; sunlight emits warmth and activates rabbits and disinfects the pens and dried.
4 – It is preferable when the establishment of barns to use simple tools in the construction, but they are enough to protect them from their enemies and repel them, and to be easy to isolate them well and at low costs, which helps to get rid of moisture.
5- The floor of the pens should be fattening with a height of 1/2 cm per meter for speed of cleaning.
6- The wooden ceilings shall be painted with carbonyl or tar, which is removed from the rabbits because of their smell and taste.

rabbits for sale

Conditions for rabbit breeding

After determining the purpose of the rearing as well as equipping the pens according to the specifications here comes the observance of some special specifications accordingly:
1 – to be healthy and healthy without diseases and eyes clear and fur is characterized by softness and abundance. . 2 – When breeding rabbits for the purpose of meat meat should be selected species that are fast to grow as the weight of the rabbit within 8 weeks should become from 2 to 2.5 kg.
3 – The rate of fertilization in mothers is high in the sense that the mother is able to produce from 4 to 5 bellies per year with an average of 8 rabbits per abdomen.
4 – Provide appropriate and natural food.
5 – daily hygiene of the peninsula.

Place of breeding rabbits

Rabbits are placed in a place where there is no rain, no snow or direct sunlight, meaning that they are placed in a mild climate, and at the same time have good ventilation windows to remove moisture and harmful gases. Ensure good lighting in the place where rabbits will live.
so It is protected from insects and rodents such as mice and wedding as well as cats and dogs. Sawdust is best throughout the place to reduce the odor of rabbits and absorb moisture.

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