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Everything About horses (Horses Domestication )

Horse, mare, a monophonic herbivore

the horse belongs to the mammal group (the same group of cats, dogs, and humans as well), and is classified within the same species like the zebra (white and black lines) and donkey. Vulgaris. Scientifically, all the horses in the world are considered to be one type of animal, but they are divided into “breeds” that have developed over time, either as a result of natural differences between horses from one region to another on Earth or because of the role humans have played in breeding them with Each other.

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Horses have been used a lot since ancient times in many uses, they are one of the most important animals for human civilization, and before the invention of cars and modern means of transport, for hundreds of years, people relied on horse-drawn carriages as a basic means of movement and travel, as well as its various uses in war, sports Horses are considered highly intelligent social animals. They live in a herd originally and do not like loneliness or isolation.

Horses Domestication

Domestication Horse is probably not always domesticated animals for humans. In fact, scientists believe that the first use humans found for horses were hunting for food. For the first time as domestic animals, to ride, or do work about 6,000 years ago, the first people who domesticated it Indo-European tribe lived around the Black Sea.

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Over time, the shape and characteristics of the horse changed somewhat, as they were transported to areas with a different climate, their food changed, and interacted in a variety of ways with humans. And brought soldiers to the back of the battles, and provided entertainment through the establishment of horse races in the yards of cities and the practice of riding as a kind of sport.

Structural characteristics

In general, horses are fast enemy animals. They have long leg bones and flexible joints that allow them to run easily. The domesticated horse is about 150 centimeters high at the shoulder. The primitive wild horses were only about 120 centimeters high and were dark in color where Her skin is likely to be dark brown or gray

When a breed of horses domesticated with wild horses rubs, it can easily begin to restore these traits because of their mingling with horses, such as the North American mango breed.

Animal behavior of horses

Horses prefer to live in flocks, and when in the wild they tend to follow a hierarchical social system, where the herd is led by a dominant male or female leader who usually runs in the middle of the group, and the herd is often composed of adult females (each female in the herd can have a child a year Both adult and newborn horses of both sexes are rare. Adult males are rarely present and are often expelled by the male leader when they get older to avoid competition.

The reason for the leader’s mediation is that the center of the herd is the safest spot, and the risky and vulnerable parties are usually the least equine horses in the herd. Leaders of other herds if they try to intrude on his flock.

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Types of horse breeds in the world

  • Arabian horses: It is one of the oldest types of horses and breeds in the world, and the most famous at all, and is characterized by long-tail drop, high speed, and was used in battles, travel, and travel.
  • Turkmenistanian horses: It is called Akhal Tiki and is characterized by its bright golden color, in addition to its speed, durability, and shining skin, has been officially chosen as one of the most beautiful horses in the world.
  • Horses dawn: characterized by white color mixed with black, and belong to a small breed.
  • Morgan horse: An ancient American species characterized by several colors, such as black and maroon.
  • Andalusian horses: Is the Spanish horse is genuine, known for its strength in the wars, and its hardness, and was used in ancient centuries and specifically since the fifteenth century AD. Therefore, it was used in battles, in addition to the allocation of nobles and high-class people.
  • Belgian horses: one of the oldest breeds since the days of Caesar, and its original color is black.
  • Iceland’s horses: horses used for riding, traction, and pregnancy, and have a strong vision.
  • Shetland Horses: Used in mines in Britain in the 19th century, they are strong.
  • Conmar horses: one of the oldest horses in the British Isles, gray color is the dominant color in its breed.
  • Friesian horses: He is of Dutch origin, and is characterized by high grace.
  • Wild Horses: A free horse that spreads in Latin America, but is of Spanish origin.
  • Hackney Horses: Its use spread in England in the 18th century.
  • Orlov horses: Named after Count Orolov, he married horses of many breeds.

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