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fastest land animal In the world Cheetah


A cheetah is a wild cat that belongs to the feline family, which includes lions, tigers, and eaves. It has characteristics that distinguish it from other animals. It is one of the fiercest fighting animals and one of the fastest animals on the land.

Cheetah hnting

His slender structure It made him run at speeds exceeding 120 kilometres per hour, which would increase the speed of a car travelling at a rate of two hundred and sixty kilometres per hour if he was subjected to competition in one race track.
Where his speed enables him to catch the second fastest animal in the wild, which is prey to him ((deer))

Cheetah speed

The Cheetah tends to live isolated, alone from the group, abyss climbing peaks, and heights of more than five thousand five hundred meters, away from the rest of the other animals, we see him sleep on the high rocky slopes, and trees, during the hours of extreme heat, to begin the search for Game to catch in peak hours when the temperature is less.

Cheetah Structure

Cheetah is the last breed of fixed-clawed animals that became extinct thousands of years ago due to natural factors, ranging in length from one hundred and ninety centimetres, and its weight ranges between thirty and ninety kilograms depending on the type of breed, one of the Wild Animals known for high graceful and manoeuvrability at speeds exceeding 100 km /H.
It can jump more than six meters and a height of more than three meters at a time.

Cheetah run

Cheetahs Spread Places

Cheetahs live in various parts of the world. They were widely distributed in tropical rainforests and savannahs, but they are found largely in the regions of South Africa, Pakistan, and Iran. We note that their numbers have declined considerably in the past decades due to the spread of humans and their contact with them in their fishing areas, which led to the reduction of their count and extinction in different regions of the world.

Cheetahs Mating

There is no specific time for the Cheetahs to mate, they are just like black mating all year round, and the Cheetah chooses his female, after reaching his third year, and choose a suitable place to put the young after a gestation period of ninety to a hundred days, then put three to five small puppies, ranging She weighs at birth between 150 and 300 grams. It comes small in size, coated with soft, dense fur, colored according to the breed, from which the female cheetah gives birth to young spotted black and retains its color throughout her life. The mother remains in the care of her children for a year and a half, where they start teaching them hunting, where they go out with the small puppies of the wild, and choose for them live prey such as small rabbits, for example, to hunt them, and teach them how to kill. Unfortunately, as a result of the highly sensitive, rapidly infectious Cheetah, once infected with an infectious disease, the disease is transmitted to the rest of the puppies and dies immediately, leaving the Cheetah strain in constant threat of extinction.

Cheetah baby

Types of Panthers

The Panthers are divided into seven subspecies:

  1. cheetah (King of the Cheetah Hunters)
  2. Asian leopard, or Iranian.
  3. Snow leopard.
  4. Black Panther.
  5. Cheetah Cloud.
  6. The Indian Cheetah.


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