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Animal intelligence in the eyes of scientists is it real!

the Animal intelligence fact

Do animals have as much intelligence as people that is what all people and Scientists make a lot Of experiments to see if animals can really act in a smart way.

smart dog

what Scientist say about Animal Intelligence

Many scientists say no because of communication. Not only did Strongheart listen to the individual that delivered him to Boone, but he also understood him and responded. Dogs and many other animals manage that with barking and body language. It’s up to humans to understand the conversation and continue in it. If the licking of Boone’s hand by Strongheart doesn’t convince you of the dog’s smarts, I hope that the other animals I’ve mentioned result in a change of heart. Like humans, flying creatures and those with four legs have limitations.

However, outside of pigeons, they don’t drop bombs on hospitals, nursing homes or on innocent people. They don’t wage war against other nations using nuclear weapons. Animals don’t own homes with 10,000 square feet or more and rely on fossil fuels for the utilities. They don’t take more out of the earth than they put in. Animals are like the Native Americans who take only what they can use and put back more into the ecosystem that they remove. The animals in this and the previous chapters are all heroes. So are their caretakers. Together, they’re inspirational as well. Animals are intelligent, reasoning, emotional and above all loving, caring and faithful servants. Once in a while, they may not like a person, but this feeling is justified. Even after a dog leaves a present for his master and hears about it – it’s not an anniversary, Christmas or a birthday – Fido forgives and continues in his devotion. This love is unconditional, just like that shown by God for his children, who fail at times. Speaking of the Creator, a bible passage in the book of Genesis says the man should have domination over every creeping creature that moveth upon the earth. Obviously, many people misunderstood this last command. Either that or the translation


wasn’t quite right. As far as we know about Animal Intelligence, God created the animals first and then man. Science tells us that humans followed the dinosaurs and the other creatures. This order is true whether you’re a creationist or an evolutionist – some people are both.

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