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Coronavirus From Human to Animal

Coronavirus from human to animal

The French Health Agency, on Wednesday, put an end to questions about the possibility of transmission of the new Coronavirus from human to animal, Stressing that there is no evidence yet of this hypothesis.

The French health agency said that so far there is no evidence that pets can transmit the emerging Corona virus, noting that it is “unlikely” that the disease will be transmitted from human to animal.

The diagnosis of a Hong Kong dog with the “emerging” virus, “slightly” at the end of February, and its owner was also infected, raised questions about the possibility of human-to-animal transmission.

In this context, the French Health Agency called for an emergency meeting that included a number of experts to study the possibility of human-to-animal transmission and infection through eating meat.

According to the agency’s findings, “There has been no scientific evidence that pets can play a role in the spread of the SARS-Covid-2 virus.”

Experts emphasized that “the possibility of transmission of the virus from human to animal is very small,” even if the virus first emerged at the bat and turned into another type before transmission to humans.

Corona virus and the dogs

Experts believe that the discovery of the virus in the sinuses and openings of the dog’s mouth in Hong Kong is not sufficient evidence of infection with the virus, but may indicate a “negative” infection, that is, carrying the virus but without reproduction. The agency has again called for more studies on this point. .

In addition, the agency also ruled out the possibility of transmission of the virus through eating meat.


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