Chow Chow Panda Dog

chow chow panda dog

Are panda chow chows real?

The Chow Chow Panda or Pandog, it’s one of the strongest dogs, they are also known, are not any type of dog breed, they are only dogs that have the appearance of a panda. As well? They are only dogs made up by means of a painting technique making their appearance practically the same as that of the panda.

In fact, it is a topic that has become controversial in China, a country where it is customary to eat various types of meat, which also includes that of dogs. At first, I thought that they were small pandas , which could be tamed, however, the reality is much further away.

chow chow panda
chow chow panda breed

is the Chow Chow Panda ”Panda dogs” a new breed !

Many people wonder ” are panda dogs real” well Chow Chow Panda is not one of the dog breeds, and They are not a mix of dog and panda bear or cross a panda with a Chow chow dog. Actually, these are dogs of the chow breed that are dyed like pandas.

Origin of Chow Chow Panda

Chow Chow Panda dogs have creators, they are called Hsin Ch’en. It is not his first race, he is quite known for having created others. This time he wanted to go a step further by creating a cool looking mix. Taking advantage of the races that currently exist, he was able to apply the new techniques learned to achieve this adorable aspect.

These dogs if we know the normal breed of Chow Chow dogs we will see a certain similarity and that is that they are based on it. Using different techniques, these are colored similar to panda bears. The creator has ensured that these techniques do not cause problems in the health of dogs.

chow chow panda
chow chow panda

Chow Chow Panda Features

As we can see, the colors of the Chow Chow Panda are based on the fur of the pandas. Having as we see in the images black spots on the legs and eyes, with white fur. They also have as if it were a black belt in the stomach.

At the moment China is the most ambitious country for these animals. ‘Chengdu’ the store of the creator of this breed is out of stock due to the high demand for pandas. The possible reason for this cultural trend may be due to the fact that China has given enormous value since previous times dog fashion because they did see the Chow Chow Panda as a

The creator’s store in China is not the only one that has jumped on the trend bandwagon. Panda dogs can be found in other stores in other countries because they have seen the business behind them.

panda dog
chow chow panda breed

Chow Chow Panda fashion

Chow Chow Panda is increasingly conquering more places, not just the Asian countries. There are many people who want to have a real little bear in their homes, the main reasons are for the novelty of having a dog similar to a panda bear and for the tenderness they give off.

The ”Orfel” circus used these Chow Chow Panda to deceive the visitors and they ended up closing it after a deception complaint. The resemblance of these dogs was so great to pandas that they were shown as small panda bears.

panda chow chows
panda chow chows

After discovering the dogs with dyed hair, they received complaints from the protectors. After investigating the circus it was found that they had been bought in Hungary and that these dogs had no health problems with that coat. The only damage they received was from the lights of the premises, so the complaint did not proceed.
Although the chemicals used do not directly affect the dog’s coat, the protectors continue to investigate about this breed. They are not satisfied with the aesthetic transformation of Chow Chow Panda dog.

Chow Chow Panda Dog Care

the owner takes it and every month and a half he must bring it in to do some touch-ups. This will not cost you a lot of money. Of course, there is nothing chemical or cruelty to the animal.

Its beauty does not come alone and is that pandas are worth a great price. When acquiring these Chow Chow Panda dogs, a cosmetic technique is used which is difficult to carry out a long hour job. On the other hand, maintenance is needed so that the paint they carry does not get lost over time.

The paint is applied approximately every 6 months, this process is carried out during the life of the Chow Chow Panda dog. It is not known for sure what effect can be seen over the years, this is one of the criticisms of this process.

panda chow chow puppies
panda chow chow puppies

The curious thing about all this is that the Chow Chow breed was considered a food in the past, and is currently the most demanded in the world. We must remember that Chow in vulgar Chinese means “food” from there come feasts and culinary dishes. If you want to know more about this breed we recommend you visit the Chow Chow breed from which these little ones come.

What do you think about these interesting and shocking Chow Chow Panda due to their modified appearance? Exposing these dogs to this type of beauty procedure does not seem to be the most ethical or correct.

Obviously, grooming increases the price of the dog, but people don’t mind paying more. They believe that the price is justified by all those people who turn to see it. And they can say, “I have a panda dog.”

Chow Chow Panda Breed price

The price of a Chow Chow Panda varies according to its origins, age, and gender. It takes an average of 6000 $ for a Choo registered in the LOF. and some times it may reach more than 7,500$.

and aboout panda chow chow puppies it may cost more than 5000$.

An average budget of 50$ / month will be required to meet the food and care needs of the Chow Chow Panda.and

chow chow panda price
panda chow chow puppies

Chow Chow Panda Breed Diseases

One of the most common health problems in Chow Chows are ectropion and entropion, eye diseases that cause the ends of the eyelids to curl inward or in the opposite direction, causing damage to the eyeball or around the eyelids. To correct this problem it is necessary to take the animal to the vet to perform surgery on the mentioned area. Glaucoma and cataracts are other eye problems that can present.

Average life expectancy: around 10 years

why They Use Chow Chow Breed ?

The reason for using dogs of the chow chow breed is because their thick hair is very reminiscent of pandas. Color changes are made by specialized personnel and the desired result can be obtained in any dog ​​in less than two hours. The coloring is not permanent, it only lasts six weeks although it can be repeated.

Chow Chow Panda dogs making a Controversy

The new fashion, however, is not without controversy. Thousands of people criticize him harshly through Weibo, a Chinese social network very similar to Facebook. Some vets criticize him harshly. They claim that dyeing dogs creates stress and causes allergic reactions in their hair, skin, nose, and eyes. Their opinion contrasts with that of other professionals who claim that the dye used is non-toxic and that the dogs are “happy and healthy”

panda chow chow puppies

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