cheetah as a pet

Keeping and Caring For Cheetah as a Pet

Cheetah as a Pet

Having a cheetah as a pet is a rare and strange identity that has spread among the wealthy and imitated by some adventure lovers. It is unimaginable for some people to see a predatory animal sleeping next to you, and its instinct urges predation. Still, with the development of science and studying these animals with extreme precision in terms of living and behaviour, many facts and secrets are revealed that makes it possible for having a cheetah as a pet or for other animals to be raised like pets.

pet cheetah

cheetahs as a pet have long been a symbol of wealth and power for the royal families of nobles, as they were used as pets or for hunting. Except for their beauty, they are lightweight (about 50 kg), unlike tigers or lions. They are considered, to some extent, big cats. And they are less aggressive because their bodies are built for speed, not combat. And this habit continues today.

pet cheetah

Owning a cheetah as a pet is considered a symbol of luxury, respected by the very wealthy, or less wealthy, who want to reach this position. And they do so even if they don’t necessarily have the capabilities, as is the case for a cheetah that has been locked up in pigeons in the UAE. Others believe that purchasing leopards help preserve endangered species in the wild. Overall, there is a great affinity for wild animals. This is evident in recreational activities held in Asia or Africa, where people pay to be photographed with young tigers or cubs. The difference is that in the Gulf countries, there are people who are so rich that they can own it. What they do not realize, however, is that these animals were brought in illegally and that this trafficking has disastrous consequences for stock and wildlife. While a single cheetah is sold, three or four cheetahs will die.
so before u think to have cheetahs as a pet read closely.

Can I have a Cheetah as a pet?

People have long kept cheetahs as pets as a symbol of wealth, even to this day. The big cats are expensive, rare, and exotic. It’s illegal to own a cheetah in the United States, but, in certain areas, including the United Arab Emirates, some Western Asian countries, and some parts of Africa, you can legally own one. Yet just because it’s legal does not mean that owning a cheetah is easy, or a good idea.
so if you think you can provide what the cheetah needs you can do that but u should learn how to take care of a cheetah and know everything about this big cat

Owning Cheetah as a pet
  • In the United States. Straight off the bat, if you are in the United States, forget about Owning Cheetah. Cheetahs are rare in the U.S. and are not even so common in zoological facilities because they are hard to breed and are not imported easily. Furthermore, it is illegal to keep them as pets in the U.S.
  • Other countries. Private owners of cheetahs both legally and illegally obtained probably live in either the United Arab Emirates, some Western Asian countries where they can be purchased (and aren’t illegal), or an African country where they can be found in the wild or bought at auctions.
  • Specifically in the United Arab Emirates. In the UAE, cheetah importation (along with other big cats and wildlife species) has recently been banned, due to illegal and ill-informed purchases of animals like these. This has often led to poor welfare and negligent abandonment of the cats. There are captive breeders of cheetahs in the UAE, but it is likely that most of them have originated from now illegal methods. Unfortunately, even if a breeder claims an animal was captive-bred, it might not be so. While buying captive-bred animals is legal, some owners take pride in obtaining cheetahs through illegal methods.

Cheetah Pet History

A long time ago, some people raised cheetahs as pets and used them to hunt prey, such as the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and other peoples such as the Indians and Persians, and it formed a unique case in raising cheetahs as pets. They also considered cheetahs as an important symbol, so they included them in the courts of kings like Genghis Khan and were jealous of kings, Today, this phenomenon has returned to be a hobby for many wealthy Arabs and the West, as you may see this not in the circus, but in the most famous Arab capitals such as Dubai and others, as it has been scientifically proven that it can be nurtured and taken care of and that it has the ability to coexist with people. What you want from a safe life of play, comfort, and food, and man gets what gives the luxury of life and bragging about having these leopards, for they are a sign of wealth and luxury of life, as they use them in hunting or consider them as the return and glorification of the clans for their ancestors who preceded them in raising these predatory animals with a form of power and victory.

Breeding Cheetahs as a pet
pet cheetah

Cheetah Pet Behavior

Cheetahs are social animals, and males usually live in life-long groups (often with their siblings). Therefore, you should approach the cheetah and build a strong relationship with him and make him familiar with the home and the family. As for children, you must be careful not to leave them with the children.
Realize that cheetahs, like big cats, cannot fully tame them. As for the sounds, the cheetah cannot roar but has a wide range of sounds: chirping (calls to locate the cub), screaming (loud rolling or whirring sounds), spitting, and whistling at Fear, meow, or purr. (The period of fun social gatherings).

Cheetah Behavior
Cheetah Behavior

Cheetah and other Pets

cheetah and cats
cheetah can’t go so well with cats so don’t expect a lot because cats can be aggressive to other animals sometimes so for sure you will have some problems so better keep the cat and cheetah.

cheetah and cats
cheetah and cat

Cheetah and dogs
cheetah emotional support dog. the dogs are so friendly so if you raise cheetah and dogs together that will be so good and you will have no problem. Dogs have apparently been helping conservationists keep cheetahs calm for decades.

According to ThoughtCo, cheetahs who live in zoos and compounds are ‘quite shy instinctively’ which hinders them from mating because ‘shyness and anxiety don’t bode well for a breeding program’. Cheetahs are paired with outgoing, affectionate dogs because they look to them for cues and learn to model their behaviour.

Cheetah and dog
cheetah and dog

Cheetahs Care

Now you are so sure to own a cheetah as a pet. Well, you should know cheetah is not like a cat or dog. You can’t treat cheetah. The same as other pets in the house, the cheetah is a wild animal and a big cat; it needs a lot of care like big space and meat, and most don’t try to make it savage to scare people that will turn on you, and it will end so bad.

Cheetahs Diet

Before you feed the cheetah, you have to know several important things, which are:

  • Cheetahs feed on mammals weighing less than 40 kg, while those over that feed on young to catch it.
  • Leopards hunt during the day, especially in the early morning or sunset, when the temperatures are low, to avoid fatigue and fatigue.
  • The sense of smell is weak and does not depend on it when hunting. Instead, it depends on the strong sense of circumstance when hunting.
  • Cheetahs creep when hunting until they approach the prey with an average distance of 20 meters, and then the chase begins.
  • The success rate of a hunt in which leopards do not exceed 50% means that they may starve if they are not healthy and active.
  • The hunting period should be short because it raises the temperature of the cheetahs, and if it lasts for a long time, it may cause death, so we find the cheetah resting before eating the prey after hunting it, and it shows stress and fatigue.
  • Cheetahs cannot break the neck of large prey, so they puncture an artery to kill the prey.
  • The percentage of leopards losing prey by lions and others exceeds 50%.
Cheetahs Diet
Cheetahs Diet

Therefore, you must save more than five kilograms of meat per day while organizing eating times and diversifying them from red and white meat. As for water, it must always be available to prevent drought.

Required for Breeding Cheetahs as a Pet

  • Just the same as other pets like dogs, they are in need of their own species-specific stimulation and environmental enrichment. It has been shown that the welfare of cheetahs is enhanced if they can view their natural prey.
  • Just the same as other pets like dogs, they are in need of their own species-specific stimulation and environmental enrichment. It has been shown that the welfare of cheetahs is enhanced if they can view their natural prey.
Cheetahs as a Pet
Required for Breeding Cheetahs
  • As one would expect, exercise is also important. While captive cheetahs often won’t reach their top speed of 60mph in captivity due to a lack of conditioning, it is important to exercise them with a short distance, quick-burst running. This can be accomplished with a mechanical lure.
  • If cheetahs survive cubhood, the adults still must be maintained on specific diets that address their nutritional needs or they will be at risk for malnourishment, which is a condition they often suffer from when they are removed from private homes. The diet should consist of a specially prepared carnivore diet and whole prey with supplementation (vitamins A, D, and E), including bones to prevent the occurrence of focal palatine erosion, calcium deficiency, and other dental problems that can become life-threatening over time.
  • don’t let people come so close to the theme or even from crowded places.
  • better to have another cheetah from the same species.
  • Trim nails every so often so as not to hurt her while playing.
  • Try to raise cheetahs when they are young and feed them by your hands until you get used to them.
  • The little cheetah promises that it has a house, and it is a cage that goes into it so that you can lock up a time that you feel is dangerous.
  • In the event that the cheetah grows up and you feel afraid, it is preferable to deliver it to the zoo because this feeling will receive the cheetah that it is a weakness of you, and therefore it may attack the one who finds it.
train Cheetah
Breeding Cheetahs as a Pet

How to train Cheetah

Most animals, including big cats, can be trained to some extent, but cheetahs tend to have a comparatively tamer temperament than the others, largely due to their anatomy, said Dr Laurie Marker (cheetah trainer), a world-class cheetah expert who founded the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia. Running at speeds of 70mph makes him the fastest animal on the land, cheetahs are built for speed, not strength, with a less muscular build and smaller head and jaws than other big cats. In the face of a potential conflict with a larger predator, the 110-pound felines will more likely run than fight back.

train Cheetah
train Cheetah

The technique used to train a pet cheetah is similar to that used for any other pet. Successful cheetah trainers hand-raise the cats during their formative months, starting when they are only a few weeks old. At the Cheetah Conservation Fund, Marker trains cheetahs through “affection training.” The training technique, developed by Ralph Helfer, replaces weapons like whips and guns with love and respect. With proper care and technique, cheetahs can be trained to perform certain behaviours, such as playing fetch, as the Schoemans demonstrated.

Cheetah as a pet, though, has very specific needs, making them among the most challenging animals to keep in captivity. Marker, who has worked with hundreds of wild and captive cheetahs, said the cats require carefully monitored diets and an appropriate living environment.

They need approximately four pounds of meat, including the bones, per day and special supplements of vitamins A, D, and E. At the Cheetah Conservation Fund, the captive cheetahs eat six times a week and fast on the seventh day to mimic the irregular food supply in the wild. Each cheetah also needs to regularly run— at least 2 acres of land for exercise for running in quick, short bursts.

Cheetah Price

so now you really think to have a cheetah as a pet, so be ready because that won’t be cheap

how much cheetah cost?
These iconic wild cats exemplify grace, agility, ferociousness, and speed. Only sold on the black market, a cheetah cub can put you under $1000 to $2000. You need more than just a cage to hold them in, the “King of Race Tracks” needs space to roam.
(Cheetah kittens may cost more than 3000 $ sometimes in the Black market).

Cheetah Price 
Cheetah for sell
cheetah price

how much does it cost to keep a cheetah as a pet?
The upkeep of this pet is expensive. You can expect to pay upwards of $50,000 for their “track,” vitamins, toys, permits, insurance, and vet bills. Cheetahs have long been considered a status symbol and were first kept as house pets thousands of years ago.

Just don’t get caught walking your exotic pet, you can expect to face 6 months of prison and have your extremely-fast cat confiscated.

Cheetah Price 
Cheetah for sell
Cheetah Cub
from where i can pay or obtain a pet cheetah?

Although paying pet cheetah and owning it as a pet is illegal, but it happens in some countries, A CCF study last year documented 1,367 cheetahs for sale on social media platforms between January 2012 and June 2018, mainly from the Arab Gulf states.
Most of those sales were made on Instagram and YouTube. While the announcements of those sales have been recorded in 15 countries, more than 90% of them originated in Gulf countries, with 60% of those in Saudi Arabia.

Cheetah Price 
Cheetah for sell
pet cheetah

Some Problems to Pet Cheetah

  1. They need space. If you are thinking of owning a cheetah, the facilities that have been most successful in raising cheetahs should provide at least one hectare per group of animals, or 2.5 acres (such as the area of ​​a football field), giving them the opportunity to run and take their freedom in the area.
  2. Specific social structures must be adhered to in order to mate between cheetahs when kept as an elephant. Cheetahs are not the same as leopards, which despite being endangered, reproduce well in captivity and even in the wild. To reproduce naturally, these isolated animals require adequate knowledge of the mechanisms that entice them to reproduce. In order to encourage the breeding of cheetahs, males and females should be isolated from each other. The male is generally released into a container where the female has been, and if he shows signs of wanting to reproduce, the female will be introduced afterward. All of this, of course, requires many large enclosures, luck, and a good sense for the animal to achieve.
  3. Nutrition. When you own a cheetah as a pet, you should know that cheetahs have very specific nutritional needs. They should be provided with the appropriate proportions of calcium, phosphorous, and other vitamins in their diet. Cheetahs that are removed for manual breeding are especially vulnerable to nutritional deficiencies. Malnutrition of the mother cheetah will also affect the cubs that receive colostrum. In addition, if other aspects of the rearing are inadequate, this stress may prevent the feeding, cause the mother to abandon her cubs, or even lead to her breaking up.
  4. Crowds pressure cheetah. The traditional public zoo environment is noisy and often very stressful for successful breeding efforts. This applies to keep a cheetah as a pet at home or on the farm.
  5. Keeping cheetah as a pet may cause their death, either due to neglect, diet, or permanent confinement.
  6. Cheetahs have a sense of pride in themselves, as they always go after the pursuit to get their prey and not eat carcasses and animal remains, and this is inconsistent with keeping them as a pet and feeding them like cats or dogs.
Cheetah Price 
Cheetah for sell
Keeping cheetah as a pet

Do Cheetahs Make Good Pet!

did you ever wonder if cheetahs is a dangerous pet? or Do cheetahs ever attack humans?

Some may consider cheetahs to be big cats and look at them as predators, but considering that cheetahs are dangerous, deadly or violent animals is a wrong idea in every dimension, so looking at history and accidents, you will not encounter any accidents in which the cheetahs were a party to attack humans. They are nowhere near as dangerous as lions, tigers, leopards, and all the other animals in this class. so for sure, you can own a cheetah as a pet without thinking it could attack you.

Are Cheetahs Dangerous Pets?
Cheetah playing

Some Information about Cheetah you need

  • The cheetah belongs to the feline family and is considered one of the fastest animals on earth.
  • The cheetah follows the fixed-clawed genus as it is the only one that has not become extinct.
  • The cheetah exceeds its speed after starting from scratch after 3 seconds to 100 km / h, and when hunting, its speed reaches more than 120 km / h, which is the fastest by all standards.
  • The cheetah is considered an endangered animal to kill humans—Cheetah, which infringes livestock greatly.
  • Cheetah tends to sleep all the time due to lack of stress and is able to hunt with agility and strength.
  • The average weight of an adult cheetah is 55 kg, its average length is 125 cm, and the length of the groom is 80 cm.
  • Males tend to be slightly larger than females, so it is difficult to distinguish the male from the female afterward.
  • Sometimes there is a mutation in leopards that becomes stained, resembling tigers, and it is called the king of cheetahs.
  • The average lifespan of a cheetah ranges from 12 years, and in captivity, it may extend its lifespan, with an average age of 20 years.
  • A cheetah cannot be crossed with animals of the same family for several reasons:
  • The cheetah has a small structure compared to other animals of its family.
  • The weak sperm of Cheetah prevents the fertilization of eggs of females of the same family.
  • In the event of an artificial pregnancy, the female leopard is not able to conceive a large fetus or give birth.

In the end, we say that there is no objection to breeding cheetah as a pet, provided that they have all the health and nutritional capabilities and are presented to doctors and others, and it is preferable to raise them from a young age and distance from them or buy them when they are large, because nature and the killer instinct does not end with breeding only, but it needs to return from a young age, and it needs a specialist to follow up the breeding, as it should You have to understand everything related to the cheetah’s behavior to be able to breed away from danger properly.


Warning :
This article is general and is not based on breeding. Refer to specialists and discuss with them before purchasing a cheetah


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