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Are Cats Loyal To Their Owners?

Are Cats Loyal Pets!

When choosing a pet, most people prefer dogs. How could it be otherwise? After all, a dog is the most loyal friend and a good defender. And the cats? do you think the cat loyal pet?

well, the Cats walk by themselves. They are free and independent. According to the generally accepted opinion, dogs perceive a person as their master and patron, while cats, on the contrary, feel like owners. But this is a very deceptive delusion. And in this article, we will try to debunk the myths about cats. and we will see about cat loyalty.

How Do Cats Show Their Loyalty?

Cats, like dogs, can have completely different personalities. And the difference between them is only one – it is strength. Of course, a dog, as a creature larger and stronger, can protect a person, but a cat cannot.

But, believe me, there are many cases in history when cats protected and saved their owners at the cost of their own lives. it’s not a fact the cat does not care about the owner they just know they can’t do anything to help like dogs. so this is why a lot of people see the cats loyalty.

What people call the main feature of cats is selfishness and independence, nothing more than ordinary independence. They are very good at taking care of themselves, and that is why they can easily do without a person. But this does not mean at all that cats do not need us.

Both the dog’s heart and the cat’s heart are devotedly attached to only one owner (or family), and it breaks in exactly the same way. Therefore, when choosing a pet, the main dilemma can be only one thing – you need a protector or just a “devoted friend”.

cats loyalty
cats loyalty

Are Cats Loyal to Their Owners!

Believe it or not cats are the most loyal animal to humans Cats are more connected to humans than any other pets. They know how not only to bring joy to their owners but also to manipulate them. A group of behaviourists from the University of Vienna analyzed the behaviour of 41 cats and their owners, and also found out using tests how playful animals are and how sociable their owners are. Researchers have determined that cats and humans strongly influence each other.

The greatest mutual understanding was observed in the relationship between female extroverts and young, active animals. They have enough insignificant hints for successful communication – for example, a raised tail signals a desire for friendly contact. At the same time, cats skillfully use the love of their owners, in particular, in order to get more food. Cats and humans have a strong affection for each other. “Man and cat are well aware of each other’s inclinations and preferences.

Their relationship is based on mutual attraction, ease of interaction, play, love and social support, “- says one of the study’s authors, Dorothy Gracie. Such relationships are characteristic of people, but practically never occur in nature. Cats behave like small children who have not yet learned to speak, the researchers said, stressing that their findings provide new insights into these animals.

Cats Loyalty can be showen in many ways by sleeping aroud you or looking at you or even touch you.

cats loyalty
cats loyalty

Do Cats Stay Loyal?

The Cat is always very independent and is more attracted to his own well-being than that of his masters. However, he is not unpleasant and remains faithful to his way of life. Many cats who seek a home after having been abandoned or led astray by their owners when they are young do not hesitate to become embedded in other occupants by meowing, teasing of all kinds in order to be adopted.

There are many examples here. Faithful to the neighbourhood bowls would be more appropriate because they do not hesitate to try to eat those of the cats of the neighbourhood (nibbling on a territory no doubt). The cat remains an affectionate pet with humans, but when he wants, otherwise beware of reactions. but he will not forget his owner or The hand that fed him.

Are Cats More Loyal Than Dogs?

The majority of kittens ultimately have a stronger relationship than that of dogs with their owners, since 65% of infants have a relationship of trust with the person who educates them against 61% for dogs.

How to explain this difference in behaviour from one cat to another?

Kristyn Vitale, the author of the lead study, told the Scottish newspaper, The Scotsman that “once the attachment style has been established between the cat and its caretaker, it appears to remain relatively stable over time.”

Finally, she underlines the importance of this study, since it is “the first time that researchers have shown that cats display the same style of attachment as dogs and babies” towards their owners/parents.

cats loyalty

Most Loyal Cats Breeds

What is the most loyal breed of cat?

This is top 10 of most loyal cats breeds in the world

  1. The Siamese
  2. Somali cat
  3. The Persian
  4. Maine coon
  5. The exotic shorthair
  6. The Ragdoll
  7. Bombay cat
  8. Havana Brown
  9. The Scottish fold
  10. Sacred Cat of Burma

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