Pet Care

Pet care is all about taking care of your pet starting from food and safety, nourishment, exercise to medical attention. Whenever you go on a vacation leaving your furry pals at home, the way the pet sitters treat your pet is also pet care. Apart from this, grooming, training and providing complete wellness to your pet is also a part of pet care. If you treat your pet like a friend then it means that you are doing your bit to ensure their overall well-being and that is what pet care is all about.

Keeping and Caring for Hyena as a Pet

hyena as a pet

Hyena as a Pet All of us tremble when he hears the word Hyena, Hyena is considered a very predatory animal and is characterized by the ugliest predator, not because of its shape, but for its actions, as it eats carrion and hunts huge prey. It is the strongest jaw …

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The Miniature Italian Greyhound Dog

Miniature Italian Greyhound

Mini Italian Greyhound Dog Breed The Miniature Italian Greyhound also called mini greyhound or mini Italian greyhound is a remarkable dog of grace and refinement. He is similar to the Greyhound but in a smaller size. If he needs to exercise, he is also a dog who appreciates the cozy …

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The Blue Bulldog The Rarest french breed

blue bulldog breed

Blue Bulldog The Smallest Dog Breeds the blue bulldog or the french blue bulldog is a small breed of dogs, soft and very friendly, of small size, perfect for those who like this type of dog without being able to own a larger one. Despite its small size, the French …

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