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Dog Species Name

dog breed names

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Best Way To Train A Dog

lead a dog

best way to house train a dog Train dog to carry out orders must start when the dog is young from two to four months, so as to have sufficient capacity to absorb the lessons of training and execution of orders as well as the implementation of many things , …

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9 Of The Most Popular Dogs Breeds

big dog breeds

Dogs Breeds this is the list of the most famous Dogs Breeds and most of this breeds are so expensive 1/Bolognese Dog Breed The Bolognese breed is very friendly to children, and it is a kind of small dog that dog breeders love because it is very fun and loves to …

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Dogs diseases and how to treat them


 Dogs diseases and treatment Dogs It is  one of the animals raised by some in homes and farms, and live outside the home in a place dedicated to them.Therefore you may be exposed to some health problems and some dog diseases . And some dog diseases such as abdominal disorders such …

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How To Take care of a vomiting dog

dog vomit

is your dog keeps throwing up ! dog vomit now and then is common for dogs, for many minor or strong reasons.For example, your dog may like to look for food in the garbage and then vomit as a way to get rid of the rotten food in his stomach.However, …

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