All information about Kangaroos

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Kangaroo Kangaroo, a marsupial species of the Macropodidae (‘bigfoot’), is native to Australia. Small marsupials are found in Australia and New Guinea. The kangaroo is a furry animal, jumping on its hind feet. Kangaroos are the largest individuals in size in the mammalian group called marsupial or cystic mammals. These animals have a bag or … Read more

10 Facts about flying squirrel (Sugar Gliders)

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 flying squirrel (Sugar Gliders)   Who does not love seeing cute animals. Like flying squirrel, one of the animals that is very cute, adorable, funny, and smart. Among you must be wondering what is a sugar glider? For information sugar gliders enter the family of mammals such as kangaroos and koalas. So it’s not rodent. Well, … Read more