Keeping and Caring For a Fox as a Pet

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Fox as a Pet

Can Foxes be Pets !

the possession of foxes as pets has become popular in recent years thanks to some videos on social networks. However, we must be aware of the fact that not all animals can be considered pets because of their needs.

In this article The fox as a pet of Animal Area we will talk about having a fox as a pet. Is it legal to have a fox as a pet Is it advisable to keep fox animals in captivity? pet fox price and what do we need to own a fox so To resolve any doubts you may have on this topic, continue reading our article The Fox as a Pet!

fox as a pet
fennec fox baby

Owning a fox

Although there are differences between the different species of foxes and between the individuals themselves and there are many domesticated fox breeds, like the fennec fox or silver fox in order to know whether or not it is correct to have a fox as a pet, we must pay attention to the behaviour of these animals. We will begin by emphasizing that a study on the Andean fox indicates that, in captivity, the fox did not have the freedom necessary to behave naturally.

The natural behavior of foxes can result in us being “annoying” or incompatible with our lifestyle. For example, foxes spend most of their time moving (running, jumping, and walking), so they really need a large space where they can exercise and move around in comfort. Foxes also spend a large part of their day playing with other members of their species, so for a fox to feel good, it must be in the company of one of its fellows. Let us take advantage of this forum to remind that foxes are gregarious animals and love digging, and like to be with the other members of their kind that is to say that they are animals that live in the community.

It is also important to emphasize the fact that foxes tend to mark different surfaces with their stool and urine (it is a reproductive strategy which is part of its territorial nature), moreover, foxes are very protective of food (manifestation of aggressiveness towards other individuals for food) and they are animals with very frequent vocalizations.

On the other hand, a study carried out in Estonia on red foxes in an urban environment indicates that they are crepuscular animals, with nocturnal tendency which tend to make the garbage cans and which frequently attack other domestic animals (especially cats and corral birds). It will, therefore, be very important to pay special attention to his socialization with other animals during the first stages of his life and also guarantee that he will be given the affection he needs when he is most active.

breeding a
red fox

dont forget its better to get a baby fox as pet

Is the Fox a wild or domestic animal?

Having a fox as a pet Unlike the dog and the cat, the fox is an animal that has not been domesticated by humans, which means that it is not ready to cohabit with people in an urban environment. In fact, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals indicates that a fox must be kept in captivity in the event of last resort. Such an action can only be acceptable if it serves to save the life of a little one who lost his mother by accident. And even then, it is better to take the little one to a wildlife recovery center or a sanctuary so that professionals can take care of it rather than keeping and raising it at home.

Remove any animal born in the wild from its natural environment, in this case, Can be so hard to make domestic fox and lead to an aberration in the majority of cases so it will cause problems to the person and hurt the fox.

Keeping a wild animal in captivity without having the necessary knowledge of its social, food, and behavioral needs can seriously affect its health and emotional well-being, causing illness, stress, anxiety, depression, and other behavioral problems.

fox puppy
baby fox

From where I can Adopt a Fox as a Pet

To adopt a baby fox it will not be so hard to find one because There are farms dedicated to raising foxes to convert them into very expensive pets.some of them in Russia and in the USA and others in France and the UK even in Germany and some Arabian countries who breeding fennec foxes.
In our opinion, these animals are currently not suitable for living with humans. It is nevertheless possible to tame a fox, as demonstrated by the Russian scientist Dimitry K. Belyaev in the late 1950s.
We cannot explain to you in this article all the complexity of this experiment carried out with foxes, but here are the results:
From 135 foxes reared on fur farms, that is to say, foxes which were not wild, Belyaev succeeded, after several generations of crosses, in obtaining totally tame foxes as fennec fox and the silver fox.

you can see if there are some Fox rescue organizations near you they can offer that if they found you have everything that fox needs

rescue foxes

There are different species of foxes that are in danger of extinction and which are therefore protected by the cites convention, their possession is therefore illegal or specially before you think to own fox as pet check the law of ur state or your county and what kind of species foxes are allowed to have as a pet.

foxes as a pet
breeding a fox

there are some countries allowed to have fennec fox or silver fox as a pet most of the Arabian countries or African there is no law stop u to have fox.and u can get it for less price. (even I don’t like how they treat animals there )

Care of the Fox as a Pet

If in spite of the fact that it is illegal or legal you still decided to have a fox as a pet, you will have to be aware of certain key concepts to guarantee him a good being of health and emotional.

Fox feeding

From time to time you can feed your pet fox with balanced dog food. Nevertheless, the idea is to offer them a diet similar to that which he could experience in the wild, from the prey they have hunted and from carrion because foxes are opportunistic animals.

According to The Fox Project, the diet of the fox must be composed of 95% meat (rabbits, rats, birds, and small mammals). 4% must be insects and earthworms and the remaining 1% can be filled with small portions of fruit and vegetables.

there is something you should know to adopt a pet fox you need to check his health every time you feed him so you will know what kind of food better for your pet especially if you adopt a baby fox.

Finally, a study on the nutrition of the fox indicates that it is necessary to avoid giving it too much protein during the summer months, the excessive use of cod liver oil, and the excessively fatty meat. On the contrary, it can be interesting to give him supplements in vitamins B and C, potassium iodide, and liver.

fox pet
fox playing

how to know if you are giving the right food to your fox

The feces of a well-fed fox must be consistent, black, and well-formed if this is not the case and if in addition the fox has a coat in poor condition and has an abnormal weight, it will be necessary to check the quality of the food you provide.

Physical exercise and mental stimulation for fox

As we have explained to you, foxes are animals that spend most of their time moving and playing, in total it represents about 60% of the time they spend awake. Day by day, foxes, therefore, need a very large and rich environment in which they can sniff, mark with their urine, dig, and before you think to have a fox as a pet you must have a large space in ur background

Owning a fox as a pet it needs the same care as any kind of pet. some times and it’s good to acquire all types of toys and accessories for your fox, especially those that have been designed for dogs, they will stimulate the game and help him develop his cunning. Mental stimulation toys, hard balls, or Agility tunnels are some examples of toys you can buy for your fox.

Health and preventive medicine for fox puppy

Owning a fox as a pet is not an easy thing It will be essential that after the adoption you visit a veterinarian specializing in exotic animals in order to carry out tests that will ensure the good health of your fox puppy. You will have to vaccinate him like a dog and like a cat. Regarding preventive medicine, the fox will have to follow a regular vaccination and deworming schedule, you will also need to take him to the veterinarian about twice a year to make sure he is in good health.

Best Foxes Breed to Keep as Pets

1/Fennec Fox

Big-eared the Fennec foxes are the most common type of pet fox. Fennec foxes are particularly reared throughout the United States and are readily available for several thousand dollars. Its small size, long life expectancy, and sweet personality make it a good choice as a pet fox. It may not be suitable for families with small children or other pets because they tend to get agile. As the smallest breed of the fox in the world, they are sensitive and need protection from the roughest fellows. It also has a wide range of sounds: wailing, roaring, cries, wailing, whining, barking, squeaking, and howling.
fennec fox as a pet is the most recommend breed of foxes to adopt

Fennec Fox

2/Red Fox

Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) is not as common as a Fennec fox for a pet, but those who have them say they are as sweet as domestic cats. It has not been domesticated and has some drawbacks. Perhaps the worst offense they have is that they have scented urine of fox strains. Sterilization or testicular it may help reduce odor a little. They also have a tendency to dig and need more space to dig and play than other breeds. Silver foxes are a variety of red foxes that have been raised exclusively in Russia. This domesticated fox program reduced the smell of fox urine and improved its overall mood.

Red Fox as pet
Red fox

3/Silver Fox (Domesticated)

 the silver fox is a truly domesticated fox. Also classified as Vulpes vulpes, it is a different color variation of the red fox. Through a selective breeding program in Russia, these foxes have some different characteristics and slight genetic differences from red foxes. A true domesticated silver fox is only available from Russia. Trying to acquire one can be difficult and can cost up to $10,000.but it really worth it if you think to have a silver fox as a pet

Silver Fox

4/Arctic Fox

The arctic fox (Vulpes Lagopus) is very similar to the red fox but is typically smaller and not as commonly kept as a pet. it’s beautiful and so cute but not so good to keep it as a pet . An animal that has adapted to life in the Arctic, it is sensitive to hot temperatures and may overheat easier than other foxes. Measures to keep it cool may be necessary. Due to a small breeding stock in the U.S., Arctic foxes are overbred and some possess genetic problems.

Arctic Fox

5/Gray Fox

Gray foxes (Urocyon cinereoargenteus) used to be the most common fox found in the U.S. Over the centuries, human encroachment and deforestation have allowed red foxes to become the most dominant species. Gray foxes are the calmest and friendliest fox species. Usually, most foxes are wary of strangers, however, gray foxes are amiable and affectionate with most people. Grays and most other foxes will never be truly housebroken, even though gray fox urine is not as pungent as other species. They can be troublemakers in the house by digging up carpets, marking territory, and eating or chewing random things that they shouldn’t

Gray Fox
Gray Fox

6/Bat-Eared Fox

A small species, the bat-eared fox (Otocyon megalotis) is an uncommon species to find and to keep. These foxes are native to the plains of Africa. In the wild, they are primarily an insectivorous species with termites and dung beetles making up 80 percent of their natural diet. As pets, they can be fed meat, and vegetables. These foxes have been kept indoors by owners. But, similar to other fox species, bat-eared foxes need an escape-proof enclosure. Beware of digging and scent marking with this fox species, too.

Bat Eared
Bat-Eared Fox

7/Swift Fox

Hailing from the North American grasslands, swift foxes (Vulpes velox) are a small species of fox that are a rare find in the exotic pet trade. This species is known to have a loving temperament and is less noisy and energetic than fennec foxes. Some reports claim this species is easier to train to use a litter box. Swift foxes are omnivores. Its diet includes grasses, fruits, small mammals, carrion, and insects. In the wild, this species lives up to 6 years. As pets, their life expectancy can increase to 14 years.

swift fox

8/Kit Fox

The kit fox (Vulpes macrotis) species is closely related to the swift fox. It is about the same size and is native to southwestern North America. A naturally inquisitive species, it has little fear of humans and can form deep bonds with its owner. In the wild, it is an omnivore. As a pet, it should be fed a combo diet of high quality, protein-rich dog food, cooked or raw meats, vegetables, and fruits for variety. Special treats can include hidden crickets or mealworms to stimulate their foraging instinct.

Kit Fox 1
kit fox

some of the text translated from source :
– thesprucepets .com/types-of-pet-foxes

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