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The Amazing Blue Bulldog -Full Profile

Blue Bulldog The Smallest Dog Breeds

the blue bulldog or the french blue bulldog is a small breed of dogs, soft and very friendly, of small size, perfect for those who like this type of dog without being able to own a larger one. Despite its small size, the French Bulldog(or French Bulldog) has a powerful, muscular, compact body with a large bony structure and one of the Strangest Dog Breeds.

French blue Bulldog puppies
Blue Bulldog breed

Surely you have seen French bulldog with many colors and do not know what it is. The blue bulldog breed is very striking and spectacular. There are really beautiful specimens but there are many people who are against this color. while others love the color of the blue bulldog, and to get it they have had to cross the French bulldog with other breeds.

Blue Bulldog Physical features

His hair: generally quite short.
His head: broad, square, and very strong, with folds and wrinkles.
His ears: set high, carried straight.
His eyes: large, round, and dark.
His body: endowed with carpus back, broad and muscular, the croup is well inclined and the chest rather cylindrical, his chest (front of the dog’s body) is well open.
It’s tail: short, it is often twisted or cut naturally and pointed. 

French blue Bulldog puppies
Blue Bulldog Behavior 

Blue Bulldog Behavior 

The blue Bulldog is a companion dog breed with a very happy temperament. Gentle and playful, he is considered an ideal playmate for children. He is a nice ally for the elderly. As he aged, he may as well be the public entertainer or remain relatively peaceful. He always remains dependent on his master with whom he needs to stay. He is an excellent companion dog for young and old alike.

French blue Bulldog puppies
blue merle french bulldog puppie

Blue Bulldog Diet

The French blue Bulldog must eat a balanced diet, as it is prone to digestive problems. Thus, its weight must stagnate between 8 and 14 kg in adulthood. Its diet consists mainly of premium croquettes that can be found in specialized stores. Lamb croquettes, meat popular with French Bulldogs, are recommended. He should have a maximum of two daily rations.

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French blue Bulldog puppies
blue bulldog

Why Bulldog has a blue colour?

This blue coat is the result of a dilution of the black pigment and it indicates a genetic problem. The D locus would play a major role by being at the origin of an accumulation of pigment granules, which would induce a reduction in the absorption of light and would fade the colors: black would become blue.

There is a strong relationship between French Bulldogs born with a blue coat and alopecia. Even if this relationship is not systematic, serious breeders do not offer future owners, in any case, not a priori, blue-colored bulldogs.

Blue French Bulldog price

The price of a French blue Bulldog varies depending on its origins, age, and gender. adult blue french bulldog It takes between 2500$ and 3000$. The highest bloodlines can be sold for up to 5,200$.

French blue Bulldog puppies
blue french bulldog

do Blue Bulldog puppies cost?

The Blue Bulldog is one of the rarest colors. For that reason, alone people pay very high prices for them.
There is usually a waiting list for blue ( aren’t so much blue as gray) puppies. You can expect to pay twice or triple as much for a blue French Bulldog than the average price for a standard French Bulldog.
Depending on the lines a Blue Bulldog puppy can cost as much as $10,000 per puppy.

Why the French blue Bulldogs so expensive?

It’s truly a very fine show quality French blue Bulldog can cost up to $100,000. Why are they so much more expensive than other popular breeds? Most Frenchies can’t have live babies the normal way. They have narrow hips that aren’t designed for a natural birth.

French blue Bulldog puppies
French blue Bulldog puppies

The high price tag reflects the expense of artificial insemination and c-sections to deliver the puppies. That comes with a hefty price tag between $1,000 and $3,000 per birth. They also require constant attention and care when they are born. They require many health and genetic exams.

Here are some general figures to help you understand why French blue Bulldog puppies are expensive:

Progesterone test $50-$100 (usually 2 tests needed).
Vitamin supplements – $100.
Shipping semen – $100 – $300.
Male stud fee – $1,000 – $7,000.
Breeding insemination – $100 – $300.
Ultrasound or X-ray – $100 – $300.
C-section – $750 – $2,500.
Puppy food – $100 – $300.
Full vaccinations entire litter – $300 – $900.
Microchip entire litter- $200 – $500.
DNA/Genetic testing – $700 – $1,000.
Supplies misc – $200 – $500.

the adult blue french bulldog has always been expensive. Reports have it one of the wealthy individuals named Robert Williams Daniel who survived the Titanic had his Frenchie along with him. While Robert survived when the ship sank on April 15th, 1912 sadly his French Bulldog did not make it.

blue French bulldog adoption

Its hard to find blue french bulldog for adoption but you can be in wait list of adoption in some Animal shelter .

Living conditions of the French blue Bulldog

blue Bulldogs have the same conditions of the other breeds French Bulldogs and this some living conditions for this breed:

1-Always and only in a house.

The French Bulldog is an ideal apartment dog because it has short hair, very little drool, is not a too barking dog, and knows how to adapt to circumstances (frantic play or absolute tranquility) with great intelligence and intuition. He is very sensitive to the moods of his master.

blue french bulldog
blue french bulldog

2-French Bulldog in an Apartment:

life is perfect for this little mastiff. Rather calm by nature, especially in adulthood, he does not need to exercise intensely and will be satisfied with a small interior space.

A house with a garden will also suit him, but be careful not to leave it outside during hot weather or even in the middle of winter. Its flattened muzzle and lack of undercoat do not give it good resistance.

Moreover, being a very poor swimmer and having a tendency to sink, the presence of a water point in his environment could represent a danger.

blue fawn french bulldog
blue fawn french bulldog

3-Need for exercise/sports:

This brachycephalic breed (flattened muzzle) is not made for intense physical exercise but this stocky little dog still needs daily outings to be fully satisfied.

Its musculature and strong bones must be maintained and physical expenditure, even moderate, is necessary for this small dog who can quickly exceed its healthy weight if it is not sufficiently stimulated.

blue french bulldog puppies
blue french bulldog puppies

4-Travel / Ease of transport:

The small size of the French Bulldog could facilitate his transport, but it is not, and for two simple reasons:

First of all, the weight limit for dogs that can be transported easily and inexpensively, especially in trains, is 7 kg, but this sturdy little dog generally weighs around 10 kg, even if it seems less.

On the other hand, its flattened muzzle causes heavy breathing problems in this brachycephalic dog, so it will not be comfortable in confined and poorly ventilated places, as is often the case with conventional modes of transport (car, train, plane).

french bulldog blue eyes
french bulldog blue eyes

Blue Bulldog health problems

are the Blue Bulldog healthy?

Blue French Bulldog is quite striking however can be prone to Color Dilution Alopecia or CDA; a recessively inherited condition that causes patches of hair thinning or loss. This is most commonly seen in dogs with blue or fawn coats like the Shar-Pei dog.

The Blue Bulldog puppies are born normal looking, but the hair thinning and loss symptoms can start at 6 months up to several years later. It is most often associated with Blue Dobermans. CDA is not curable but it’s fairly easy to manage.

It is important to mention that our blue Frenchie never suffered from any symptoms to his coat. Not all blue Frenchies will be prone to the coat problems however, your vet can help you keep your blue French Bulldog healthy and happy if any issue arises.

Bulldog healthy
Blue Bulldog Mixed

Blue Bulldog get cold easily

Some owners have stated the Blue Bulldog gets cold easily, we are unsure if this is just a myth or based on actual research. Either way, French Bulldogs can’t regulate their body temperature well. Having any Frenchie in a cold climate is not ideal due to their short coat. If you live in a cold climate there are ways you can keep your Frenchie warm. Always dress your blue French Bulldog with specially tailored for Frenchies hoodies, Blue Bulldog hair, etc.

Dilution Alopecia in a Blue Bulldog

as mentioned above which may cause skin allergies/ hair loss which may appear only on the blue affected areas prone to Alopecia, (if you have a solid Blue French Bulldog then their entire body may be affected). The blue Frenchie skin condition can also impact your grooming regime.

We have not experienced any of the above with our blue Frenchie. We also know plenty of the standard colour Frenchies who suffer from skin conditions and allergies. We are not trying to promote or discourage buying the standard or rare colours we simply don’t discriminate over colours. We love all our French Bulldogs friends that come in all colours of the rainbow.

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different coat colors of a Blue Bulldog puppy

Blue Frenchie – that is when the french bulldog has only the blue color that covers all his body without any other colors to the coat.

Blue Frenchie
Blue Frenchie

Blue pied french bulldog (Blue Pied Frenchie) – Blue Pied Bulldog this color has the blue coats and patches of white or cream on their bellies, chest, legs, etc.

Blue pied french bulldog
Blue pied french bulldog

Blue fawn frenchie (blue fawn french bulldog) – The blue fawn french bulldog is when the coating mix of blue and will look like a fawn and sometimes brindle blue. its the most famous color mix of the french bulldog but it needs full care all the time.

Blue fawn frenchie
Blue fawn frenchie

Blue brindle french bulldog (Blue brindle Frenchie) -Blue coated French Bulldog puppy with brindle streaks. this blue bulldog has a brindle blue color on the most of his coat

Blue brindle french bulldog
Blue brindle french bulldog

Blue merle french bulldog (blue merle bulldog) – a combination of different patches and streaks that are irregular and unusual that cover all his body and most in the back the blue merle bulldog is so rare color in this breed.

Blue merle french bulldog
Blue merle french bulldog

Blue and tan french bulldog (Blue and Tan Frenchie) – Blue coated French Bulldog puppy with tan points usually around paws and face.

Blue and tan french bulldog
Blue and tan french bulldog

Notes and advice

What we have said about his health should not make you think that he is an overly delicate dog: you just need to take good care of him by paying attention to his “Achilles heels and his skin” and he will live long in splendid form. so that you will have a cute friend that makes u happy all-day

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