The original and all the Qualities of the Arabian horse

the Arabian horse

Since ancient times, man has been interested in horse riding and taming of different breeds, especially those that originate in the Middle East, known as the Arabian Horse. The Arabian horses have started to spread widely from the Arabian Peninsula to all parts of the world through trade and wars. Describe Te physical and features.

pay Arabian horse

The origin of the Arabian horse

The desert is considered the first home of the breeds of purebred Arabian horses in general. It is considered one of the top ten breeds of horses in the world. Well: horse Godolphin, horse Byerly Turk, horse Darley Arabian,
 There are scattered farms around the world dedicated to breeding and caring for Arabian horses.
Breeders work to obtain strong qualities that meet in one horse, either the quality of beauty and agility or strength, hardness or speed

white Arabian horse

Qualities of the Arabian Horse

The Arabian horse has a number of physical qualities that make it unique from other horses in the world.The Arabian horses are similar to each other in these traits despite their different origins and Mnaptha, and The most important qualities possessed by Arab horses:

black Arabian horse
  • Her ear size is small and standing.
  • It is characterized by its softness from the parties.
  • Shiny, bright and wide eyes reveal the depth of intelligence and kindness.
  • A broad forehead with a convex ramp towards the nose, and the nostrils are wide.
  • The tail is characterized by anchor and palace.
  • It has a long and almost curved neck.
  • The skin is characterized by a clear color and dark black often from the bottom of the hair.
  • Has soft, shiny hair.
  • The height ranges from 145-160 cm.

Features of the Arabian Horse

The Arabian Horse has its own physical characteristics from other breeds of horses.
  These features include:

  • Ability to endure hard and hard work for a long time.
  • Good health and scarcity of diseases.
  • Harmony with music and passion.
  • Courage and strength of bass, so it was used in battles.
  • It is considered one of the fastest horses in the world.

Arabian Horse Breeds

1-Saqlawi :
  This horse is characterized by its eye-catching beauty and brilliant, and its beauty is feminine in both sexes of this type of horses so this horse is very suitable for the purposes of festivals and celebrations, as well as parades, and this horse with a beautiful head as the face is concave clearly on my side The nose, the forehead is broad, and the size is small, and examples of this type of horses, Alobiam, Dahman, Almilwa, Jidrani, Jidrani bin Sudan, and Saqlawi, and waves, Alrishan, and Tuwaisan.

This type of horse is the best for lovers of horseback riding, and the beauty of this horse is male in both sexes, and most of the colors of this horse brown color, and is characterized by large size and large muscles, and this type of horses includes some types of them, Shuiman, Alodnan, and crochants, Al-Hamdani, the old, the heavy and others.

3-Al Maanaki:
This type is used for racing purposes and is characterized by the length of his head and neck, and large size and his eyes are smaller compared to other Arab fortresses,
The nostrils have a rough texture, and the face contains many angles, and the mixing of this type of horses with other breeds deprives him of originality,
Examples of this type of horse are Al-Hadari, Al-Samhan, Al-Ma’naki, Al-Galfan, Al-Maqladi, Abu-Arqoub, Al-Kubayshan, Abu-Arqoub, and Al-Sabily.

It is important to know that the names given to the Arabian horse derive from their enjoyment or color


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