Animal hug have a therapeutic capacity

Hug dogs and cows have a therapeutic capacity .. What is the secret?

Hug dogs and cows have a therapeutic capacity .. What is the secret?
Some claim that animal hug has health features
Human hug has advantages over mental health, but, according to some, animal hug, like dogs and cows, has incredible and incredible features, which make us feel warm, relaxed and help to regulate the heartbeat.

Animal hug

Shilo Urban, in his report published by Organic Authority, spoke about the New York countryside spa, which has become a pioneer in a “new type of treatment,” embracing cows and hugging horses, which will improve your mood and health.
Urban said that human hug proved effective in fighting stress. A recent study in the magazine “Plus One” confirms that getting a hug helps alleviate the negative mood when you have a bad day.

Touch, which accompanies hugs, is characterized by the ability to stop the part that reacts to stress in the brain, which in turn produces less stress hormones. As a result, the circulatory system will experience less stress. This hugging treatment has been used to treat anxiety and depression, as well as loneliness.

Although u can’t have a hug from animals. cows cannot hug, she can touch her skin, not forgetting her charming eyes, Orban said.

Like dogs, cows have a higher body temperature than human body temperature, making them comfortable. Because cows’ heartbeats are slower than human heartbeats because of their size, this makes them seem more relaxed and, therefore, should be embraced.

what could Animal hug do!

Urban Mountain Farm, located in Nablus, New York, offers its guests a huge experience, he said. It also allows them to touch them, comb their fur and embrace both cows and young horses.

Spending 60 minutes with cows costs about $ 75, and these classes are available from 31 May to 31 October.

This farm is a luxury spa, offering animal hug sessions with large horses for $ 300 per 90 minutes. The farm offers a comprehensive service package, massages and training workshops for dogs.

Cows have a higher body temperature than human body temperature, which makes them comfortable

She hugged a small cow

Shilo Urban said he decided to test the theory of Animal hug so he did choose to hug a cow. He also stressed that he is a pet lover who has previously worked in farms and veterinary clinics, and he spends noon break in hugging his two small dogs.

“Since I live in Texas, I don’t even have to pay 10 cents to embrace a cow,” Urban said. “So I went to the nearest field where there was a herd of cows grazing. It was only five minutes away from my house on the outskirts of Fort Worth.” It was a sunny day and fortunately the cattle were standing near the fence. I jumped over the barbed wire and slowly approached the herd, risking my life to write this article, knowing that trespassing on private property in Texas is enough reason to shoot you.

lion hug

“I couldn’t wait to start hugging her. A small brown cow seemed oblivious enough to approach her, staring at the sky with crystalline eyes. .

“I then moved on to hug her and I’m sure I listened to it more. It was a relaxing experience. Although silly, dangerous and disgusting, it is a great way to get away from the stress of work. However, I still prefer to hug my dogs on cows because they lie responsive to My caresses also smell not dirty. “

Animal hug can make you feel better so go and embrace a cow or hug a horse or a Siamese cat and enjoy the energy provided by animals, but beware of embracing a snake and you will be fine !.

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