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30 Hyena Facts That Will Shock you 2021

Hyenas are the most common carnivores in Africa. They range all the way from North Africa to the very southern tip of the continent and live mainly in dry, scrubby savannas and deserts. There are four species of hyenas: brown, spotted, striped, and the smaller and lesser-known aardwolf. While spotted hyenas are the largest species, all hyenas have large heads, powerful jaws, and long front legs.

Interesting Facts About Hyenas

Hyenas are most famous for their “laugh,” depicted in various forms of media. Yet while some do indeed laugh, they are unlikely to join villainous cartoon characters in cackling maniacally. Laughter aside, there’s much more to know about these intriguing and often-maligned mammals. From how hyenas stay cool to their boldness when faced with hungry lions, read through our list of fascinating hyena facts.

hyena facts
hyena facts

Hyena Facts

we try to cover many hyena facts that can make you know more about this beautiful wild animal

1-The hyena can be easily tamed, but even in captivity she often remains spiteful and quarrelsome. “Striped hyenas are pretty easy to tame. someone said ” While in Khartoum, I bought a couple of young puppies for 50 $ … They jumped merrily at the sight of me, put their front paws on my shoulders, followed me through the streets; during our dinner they sat on their hind legs like dogs, waiting for a handout. They very willingly gnawed sugar, but they also ate bread, especially soaked in tea, but usually, their food consisted of dogs, which we deliberately shot in the vicinity “(Alfred Brem, trans. By A. Nikolsky).

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keeping a Hyena as a pet.

2-Hyena – timid and cowardly, but at the same time impudent and vicious animal. A flock of hyenas is able to repulse lions who are ready to take their prey from them, and if they come across an old sick lion, then in a matter of minutes they devour it along with the skin and bones.

3-Research conducted at Duke University showed that a pair of hyenas in captivity performed better in problem-solving and collaboration than a pair of chimpanzees. Even more surprising is that during the research, hyenas silently solved emerging problems, using only non-verbal signals.

4-The assumption that hyenas are scavengers is not entirely true. They drive their prey in a flock and feed on carrion only in times of famine. In turn, lions are also not averse to feasting on carrion.

5-the one wrong hyena facts are The howl of a spotted hyena is similar to laughter. so people think they laugh

6-Baby hyenas are born with open eyes, unlike other carnivorous mammals. They live in a den for up to 1 year, after which they go hunting with their mother.

7-the most interesting hyena facts are Hyenas are the most caring mothers among predators – notes Professor Stephen Glickman, on whose initiative they began to study hyenas at Berkeley. Unlike lionesses, hyenas drive males away from prey, admitting only babies to it at first. In addition, they feed their young with milk for a very long time – almost 20 months. Are they only worthy of contempt? Other stories are also wrong.

8-The striped hyena is predominantly a nocturnal animal, although it occasionally wanders during the day. Unlike the spotted hyena, it does not form flocks.

9-Hyenas willingly eat many types of succulent plants but especially love melons and watermelons, for which they raid melons. Eat nuts and seeds. After eating, hyenas often sleep near the feeding place.

10-Their average life span in the wild is no more than 12 years. Although in captivity or in good conditions, they can live up to 25 years.

11-They do not belong to the dog family, as many might think. They belong to their own family, the Hyaenidae (hyena). This family includes 4 species: the striped hyena (Hyaena hyaena) is the only species found outside the African continent; the spotted hyena (Crocuta crocuta) is the largest member of its family; brown hyena (Hyaena brunnea) – feeds mainly on carrion; Aardwolf (Proteles cristatus) – belongs to the family of hyenas, not dogs.

hyena facts
hyena facts

12-In the family, hyenas show sociability and friendliness, which are not characteristic of hyenas in relationships with other animals.

13-Some hyena facts are They are often compared to wild dogs. However, they have no relationship (as we noted earlier) and, moreover, behave differently. Wild dogs (dingoes) – take care of the welfare of their flock. They will share their prey so that all members of their flock are well fed and strong. In groups of hyenas, things are somewhat different. They will fight for food, trying to satisfy only their hunger. In the case of males and females, the latter can kill the former if they create problems for them.

14-They have a powerful jaw that easily crushes the bones of their prey. The animal uses it effectively. They eat so much bone material that their droppings are whitish in colour.

15-Females have only 2 teats. This means that a mother can only feed two cubs. This leads to serious clashes among the offspring. If a female has more than 2 children, then the strongest will offend the weakest. As a result, the weak will die of hunger. The mortality rate of babies in the first year of their life is approximately 60%.

16-Scientists have found that the pitch of a hyena’s howl is indicative of the age of a predator, and variations in the sequence of sounds indicate its social status.

17-Many legends and superstitions were associated with the striped hyena among the ancient Greeks.

18-Hyenas and lions very often clash as they hunt in the same territories. Moreover, both lions and hyenas have the same prey preferences. This leads to serious competition, with the result that the hyenas kill the baby lions, which in turn kill the baby hyenas. It is worth mentioning that the hyena is the most common predator in Africa.

19-We all know that these animals know how to “laugh”. However, this is not just laughter. Scientists say that by the tone of an animal’s laughter, other members of the family determine its age and social status.

20-The hyena’s lair is very untidy, it is usually heavily littered with food debris and bone fragments. A heavy putrid smell is felt at a great distance from the dwelling of the striped hyena. A strong repulsive smell also emanates from the hyena itself.

21-hyena mark their territory with a caustic paste from their scent glands. By the smell of these animals, hyenas recognize not only the gender of the one who left the mark but even his personality.

22-Hyenas are beautiful animals and they can be tamed and become loyal like dogs so that many people try to have hyena pets because in some homes this exotic pet can be a loyal animal.

hyena pet

23-The hyena’s milk has so much fat that the mother can leave her cubs for a week without worrying about the hungry time for the babies.

24-Hyena droppings are composed entirely of calcium phosphate and resemble chalk.

25-In addition to meat, striped hyenas also eat plants. They are very fond of watermelons and melons.

26-Hyena can reach The maximum speed so they can run more than 60 mile / h.

Spotted Hyena Facts

this some of the spotted hyena facts :

27-Spotted hyenas practically do not feed on carrion. Most of their prey is an animal they have caught. The striped and brown ones, on the other hand, prefer to feed exclusively on carrion. As for the aardwolf, it is generally insectivorous. Termites form the basis of his diet.

28-Female spotted hyenas are more muscular and more aggressive than males. On average, they are 30% larger than men. The thing is that females have three times more testosterone than males. Because of this, spotted hyena societies are matriarchal.

female hyena facts
female hyena facts

29-one of the most amazing facts about hyenas is the Spotted hyenas live in clans in which a strict hierarchy reigns. The alpha female and other females are considered the main ones in the flock, followed by the alpha male and other males. Only one species of hyenas does not form flocks – the striped hyena.

30-The female spotted hyena already in childhood fights for power, arranging serious fights with a fatal outcome. The weaker female dies, and the stronger one has an opportunity for further life.

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