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10 Facts about flying squirrel (Sugar Gliders)

 flying squirrel (Sugar Gliders)

  Who does not love seeing cute animals. Like flying squirrel, one of the animals that is very cute, adorable, funny, and smart. Among you must be wondering what is a sugar glider? For information sugar gliders enter the family of mammals such as kangaroos and koalas. So it’s not rodent.

Well, here are the facts about sugar gliders that you don’t know about, which we have summarized from various sources.

this is 10 Facts u need to know about flying squirrel

  1. he have physical form similar to squirrels. Females of flying squirrels have sacs in their stomach like kangaroos that are useful for storing their offspring.
  2. When summer, they eat insects. When winter comes, they suck the sap of trees and honeydew. Sometimes, they also eat lizards, seeds, bird eggs, mushrooms, and fruits.
  3. They have five fingers with claws on each finger, except the back of the big toe. The two middle fingers (first and third fingers) merge to form a comb.
  4. This animal is also called pocket animal, because of its small size so that it can be taken anywhere.
  5. Activated at night, they have wide eyes to see in the dark. His ears will also spin to find the location of prey in the dark.
  6. This group will defend the nest or its area, including social activities grooming, or caring for one another to improve health and as a group identity.
  7. Body size is only 170 mm with a tail length of only 190 mm. The weight of male sugar gliders is only 140 grams and females only 115 grams.
  8. This cute animal can survive in the wild for 9-12 years. But, if in captivity, they can live longer.
  9. They can fly gliding at a distance of 50 meters or more because it has a patagia membrane that runs between the front and rear legs.
  10. flying squirrel, including groups of animals with more than seven animals.

siberian flying squirrel

the things u should knw about flying squirrel

1 – he causes a lot of chaos, so you will spend a lot of time cleaning his home.
2 – flying squirrel does not defecate in his place , so he will spend his need anywhere, even if it was you.
3 -And it must be kept in pairs at least, because they live in colonies in the wild, and the purchase of two of these animals can not afford many people.
4. flying squirrel can be stung if you feel threatened or feel constrained in your hands.
5. There are many laws that make it difficult or impossible to have strange pets.

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